Ready to generate more B2B leads? Do this first.

DO IT YOURSELF - you are doing all the b2b telemarketing

If you are planning to conduct all the B2B Telemarketing efforts yourself, you need to have a lot of time AND the right method for generating maximum results.

For those who like to generate leads, chances are you enjoy marketing – which is great!

And in addition, if you have a lot of time even while having lots of clients, either your product/service delivery is systematized and automated or you have a team fulfilling the product/service delivery.

Either way, doing marketing is a great option IF you have the right strategy and tactics. With the wrong strategy or wrong tactics, it can be demoralizing and devastating to your company’s success.

At SalesStrategy.ca, we have generated tons of leads. And we have distilled the strategies, tactics, and best practices we learned while doing that into the Fun Sales Course’s Module 1: B2B Telemarketing.

What is the Fun Sales Course’s Module 1: B2B Telemarketing? Well, for solopreneurs and salespeople, the Fun Sales Course’s Module 1: B2B Telemarketing is an intermediate B2B Telemarketing course that teaches you how to generate leads from B2B Telemarketing (and increase your performance bonuses!).

If after learning the B2B Telemarketing best practices with the Fun Sales Course’s Module 1: B2B Telemarketing and you want to take your business’s B2B Telemarketing to the next level, you will be looking for some advanced B2B Telemarketing tactics, strategies and tools from the Sales Consulting Service.

With the Sales Consulting Service, you will receive a personalized directly applicable consulting session that helps you remove any B2B Telemarketing roadblocks you’ve run into including how to level up your value proposition in a highly competitive market, how to streamline your B2B Telemarketing process, and how to create demand with a power B2B Telemarketing script.

In addition, your team will be trained by our expert sales consultants to gain deep knowledge in lead management, how to overcome objections, and identify and improve areas in your B2B Telemarketing department to skyrocket your B2B lead generation results. Also, you will be able to take advantage of a lot of tools that will help you in preparing the most important steps to generate more B2B leads.

MANAGE IT YOURSELF - you are managing your b2b telemarketing team who is doing all the b2b telemarketing

You have enough time to dedicate to B2B Telemarketing management tasks and you are anxious to start. It is good that you are enthusiastic about increasing your efforts, but you need to be aware that your B2B Telemarketing department’s success is not just about investing time – it is essential to apply the right B2B Telemarketing techniques and appropriate methods to see your B2B Telemarketers’ results in a short-medium term.

And to set up your B2B Telemarketing process right the first time to not frustrate your quality B2B Telemarketing reps – otherwise, you will not only have to retrain your B2B Telemarketing team in the correct B2B Telemarketing techniques, but you will have to either increase their motivation or hire new, motivated B2B Telemarketing reps.

Every business is different. What works for one business may not work for another. However, there are some B2B Telemarketing strategies that work for virtually every type of business. The Fun Sales Course’s Module 1: B2B Telemarketing trains your B2B Telemarketing team on how to effectively and consistently generate B2B leads through telemarketing. We teach you what we have done and show you and your team exactly how to duplicate that process in your B2B Telemarketing department.

If you’re serious about levelling up your B2B Telemarketers to increase their lead generation results, the Fun Sales Course’s Module 1: B2B Telemarketing teaches you and your B2B Telemarketers the step-by-step process your B2B Telemarketing department needs to generate a record number of b2b leads and generate more high-quality high-ticket leads.

We know how it works because we’ve done it for many clients and our own business. We’ve generated hundreds of thousands of leads for different businesses. After the Fun Sales Course’s Module 1: B2B Telemarketing, you will learn how to do the same for your B2B Telemarketing department.

In the Fun Sales Course’s Module 1: B2B Telemarketing, we teach you the step-by-step B2B Telemarketing best practices and strategies to help you succeed in cold calling and generating tons of leads. Although we call it an intermediate B2B Telemarketing course, both new and seasoned B2B Telemarketers have gone through the Fun Sales Course’s Module 1: B2B Telemarketing and, after completing the course, have hit their highest career lead generation results bonuses.

After completing the Fun Sales Course’s Module 1: B2B Telemarketing and looking to level up further, or if your B2B Telemarketing team has hit a major roadblock that you need solved today, the Sales Consulting Service is an excellent personalized option that will allow you to strengthen your B2B Telemarketing team’s resources, tactics, and to identify and improve what is missing to generate more deals.

With the Sales Consulting Service prepare to learn how to create powerful value propositions that make your product/service stand out from your competitors and get direct advice and B2B Telemarketing best practices to improve your B2b Telemarketing management results and B2B Telemarketing process effectiveness.

DONE FOR YOU - you need to hire an experienced self-managed b2b telemarketer

Your business needs a dedicated B2B Telemarketing manager but you have little or no time to handle all the B2B Telemarketing efforts your business needs to generate more b2b leads.

You cannot waste more time. You must generate leads asap so that your business does not sink – you want to at least maintain b2b lead generation (while you take a step back), then, as soon as possible, increase b2b lead generation asap to grow your business.

You need an expert self-managed B2B Telemarketer who knows what to do, has a short ramp-up time, and can immediately start generating leads, while reducing the risk of no leads.

When you have no leads, leads become the most important thing to add to your sales pipeline. The Done For You B2B Telemarketing Service is the best thing to add when you have no leads and need to increase your sales fast.


When you have to increase your sales revenue fast, you need to get high-ticket clients who pay a lot in order to float your business. Getting small sales from consumers is great, but, unless you have a high volume of sales, it won’t pay your staff salaries, rent, or keep the bills paid. The best strategy in this situation is to get high-ticket business customers who buy your biggest product/service packages.

The Done For You B2B Telemarketing Service also gives you the power to feed your salespeople with high-quality leads so that your sales team can focus on closing while the Done For You B2B Telemarketing Service produces you high ticket B2B ready-to-buy leads.

Also, if you are doing the sales yourself, but don’t have enough time to generate leads (or don’t want to do the dirty work of cold calling), the Done For You B2B Telemarketing Service is a great way for you to keep your calendar full of qualified B2B leads.

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