B2B Telemarketing

Why let your telemarketing (or telemarketer) suffer? You deserve better.

Some of the main clues SalesStrategy.ca’s B2B Telemarketing will help:

  • You tried to make calls, but already work 80 hours on operations

  • You are an expert sales closer at heart (and you like it), but not so much the cold calling part
  • Your current telemarketers are not good (but they’re nice people)

  • Overseeing telemarketers is getting you frustrated, and it’s not a good use of your expertise

  • You need a better ROI… like NOW! Especially because you’re spending a lot and getting little back from your current telemarketing program

  • You need to clone yourself to do the telemarketing (so you can do other things). You tried hiring and training staff – it didn’t work… but you still need that clone.

Seize Market Share (Either a new market or from your competitors)

We are experts in breaking into new markets, gaining market share in cut-throat industries, and earning market insights for our client’s product development teams.

If you are validating a new target market or vying for valuable ideal clients, contract the campaign to our specialist team and mitigate the risk of a delayed ROI.

When can you utilize SalesStrategy.ca’s B2B Telemarketing to create a great ROI - is it a good choice for you?

  • To immediately begin validating a new target market or seizing market share from your competitors

  • To generate leads as fast as possible to meet an emergency deadline

  • To measure your in-house telemarketers’ results by using SalesStrategy.ca’s Telemarketers as a standard

Add gas to your sales growth with rock-solid B2B leads.

Filling your pipeline consistently is critical to growing your sales. But even more critical is making sure the right decision maker is meeting with your sales team at the right time.

SalesStrategy.ca’s Telemarketers work with you to identify key criteria to make sure decision makers that are connected to your sales team meet your ideal customer profile and have indicated they are interested in your offering.
The process of screening targets to make sure they meet your criteria may sound straightforward, but it is not. This requires a significant amount of research, verification, calling, questioning, listening, and notetaking. And when not completed correctly, the outcome is wasted time for your sales team.

Without equipping your sales team with quality leads, your sales growth is significantly impacted.

Take Market Share from your Competitors

Unfortunately, the hard reality is that the majority of organizations who have large budgets are not Googling who they should work with – they are getting referrals and being contacted by hungry salespeople.

If you are not part of their network when they are ready to buy, they will work with one of the many salespeople who have proactively connected with them.
SalesStrategy.ca’s Telemarketers get you into their network by connecting, building rapport, keeping your offer top of mind, and generating ready-to-close leads for you.

Break Into A New Target Market

Without prior target market validation, starting in-house telemarketing campaigns is a threat to your in-house staff morale and loyalty.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way – we have a proven time-tested method for exploring and validating new markets.

And as soon as a target market is validated and you give us the green light, we generate tons of leads to capture market share.

Meet a Critical Deadline - Emergency Telemarketing for Rapid Lead Generation Results

Do you need leads immediately? Do you have a sales deadline that you must meet? Is there an event coming up that you need to fill?

Or is there a sales pipeline goal that must be met?
SalesStrategy.ca’s Emergency Telemarketers know how to maximize results to meet deadlines. Though a proprietary process, our telemarketers identify key targets with buying indicators and focus on increasing demand for your offering.

Whether you have a special limited time offer, need to book appointments, or have seat registrations to fill, Emergency Telemarketing Campaigns are built to produce peak results quickly, efficiently, and transparently.

When you need results and have a critical deadline, we give you peace of mind and time to work on other areas of your business.

After using the B2B Telemarketing Service, our clients have reported benefits such as:

“I was worried because there weren’t enough leads so the chances of making a sale were slim. Thanks to SalesStrategy.ca’s B2B Telemarketing Service, everything improved in my business. Based on my ideal client profile, Dan and his team were consistently generating b2b leads for my business and, after just the first week of their outreach, leads began to arrive and we closed our first high ticket sale. It was a total relief.”

“Your B2B Telemarketers rock! In 4 weeks, they got us almost 60 leads. Amazing.”

“Cold calls were the main problem in our sales team. Our salespeople said they did not have not enough time to call on a constant basis. I think they were actually avoiding cold calls because when they called the targets, many people rejected them. That being said, the leads they did get, they were good at closing. So we chose your b2b telemarketing service and you solved this problem for us. We’re happy that your team took care of the cold calls and we received the leads booked into our salespeople’s calendars.”
“I tried hiring salespeople before using your service, (and maybe I’m unlucky) but they were lousy, unfortunately, unable to get the attention of ideal clients no matter how many times they contacted them. This was disastrous for my business. But you guys at SalesStrategy.ca took care of fixing that. We got many leads in a short time from your service and we managed to close several deals in the first month.”

“Before hiring your service, we tried hiring and training telemarketers internally however it was expensive because of high turnover in staff and also most of the leads we got were just a waste of time because they weren’t even close to being ready to buy. The problem really was in the low quality of the leads we received and we were getting frustrated. We decided to try your B2B Telemarketing Service to get a benchmark for your telemarketers, but the results were noticeably better in a short time so we decided to stop our internal telemarketing program and just leave it all with you and your team. Now, the lead quality is much better and we don’t have to hire, train or deal with turnover – it’s way better and much less stressful.”

Your Customer Know-How + Our Lead Generation Talent = Qualified Leads Filling Your Calendar

SalesStrategy.ca’s Telemarketing Process

  • Setup – create an ideal target company profile, decision maker target list, and value proposition that resonates with those decision makers

  • Outreach – contact targets by telephone, email, and occasionally social
  • Follow Up – if the target has not converted, we continue following up with optimized contact cadences to nurture targets and prime them for conversion

  • Acquire – connect qualified targets to the sales team either for a discovery call or to take advantage of a special offer (depending on the market sophistication and solution awareness).
Through our proprietary onboarding process, we interview your sales and operations leaders to know exactly what resonates with targets and what keywords to listen to that indicate your ideal target client is ready to buy.

Our B2B telemarketers fill your pipeline with ideal target clients by

  • Advancing and adding momentum to stalled leads with targeted value propositions

  • Using interest-generating best practices to craft effective responses to targets

  • Gathering and validating up-to-date target contact information
  • Identifying and documenting signals that targets are qualified and ready-to-buy before connecting them with your sales team

  • Using pain points and your offering’s differentiators to supercharge your ideal client’s buying enthusiasm

  • Accessing difficult to contact targets and sharing your most persuasive marketing material with them
During the campaign, we liaise with you to share insights and optimize the campaign by identifying industry and seasonal trends in order to increase buying urgency and generate an abundance of leads.


The b2b telemarketing service includes cold calling, cold emailing, and (occasionally) social media outreach.
Are you a project manager and also making cold calls? If you’re looking to save time, increase results, and reduce headaches by hiring a dedicated expert telemarketer, outsourcing is likely the best option for you.

Through our proprietary onboarding process, we analyze your organization’s brand voice and speak as an extension of your team to increase your sales opportunities, develop the initial relationships, and gain the trust of your future lifetime customers – all while you can spend all of your time doing what you do best: your project management.
Is your production capacity underutilized? For example, if your production team is paid for a 1000 hours of capacity, but is only using 400 hours, your production team has 600 hours of capacity that should be filled in order to maximize profit.

SalesStrategy.ca’s B2B Telemarketers are experts in presenting and registering ideal target clients for special offers that can be passed directly to your project managers for scheduling.

Why wait for more clients to appear when there is a proactive solution to bring qualified B2B leads to you?

If your organization has a special offer and is targeting B2B customers, SalesStrategy.ca’s B2B Telemarketing service is a reliable and fast acting solution to utilize your production capacity.