Built To Sell: Creating A Business That Can Thrive Without You. By John Warrillow. (Narrated by Erik Synnestvedt)

Built to Sell starts out to explain John Warrillow’s premise of the book: Warrillow combines many years of his client’s questions/issues into a story about a business owner whose intention is to sell his service business.

In the story, this business owner gets advice from a friend and discovers that the business, which he worked years to build, is barely worth anything, and, if he was to sell, he would have to agree to a 3 to 5 earn-out, where the buyer might not even have to pay him if the business’s sales did not do as well as predicted.

Warrilow’s story goes on to take the business owner from step 1 to the eventual sale of building and growing his business so that the business will be able to sell for the owner’s desired multimillion-dollar sale price.

In addition, this book shows how to develop a service business that can predictably scale, increase sales revenue, and be built to be a cash-flowing asset that can Thrive without you.

I highly recommend this book to every business owner! You can find the audiobook on Amazon here.