Onboarding, nurturing, and celebrating the customers’ experience, and loyalty


Western Canada


A Social Enterprise was generating leads, acquiring new customers, and delivering a high quality initial service, but did not have the expertise to sell additional services to current customers who were leaving after completion of the initial service.

The Executive Director identified that their organization lacked up/cross selling and customer retention opportunities and started to seek an independent, self-managed sales expert to focus on generating sales and customer retention opportunities to increase customer lifetime value, customer profitability, and increase sales revenue.


The Social Enterprise’s Executive Director asked us to provide Account Growth & Loyalty services using our service delivery method of Canadian sales outsourcing.

We started by conducting analysis/assessment/research of their customers’ journey, onboarding experience, and nurturing process.

Using Account Growth & Loyalty best practices, we mapped out key customer journey triggers to increase up/cross selling and customer retention opportunities.

We then created a custom engagement plan including follow-up calls, thank you calls, milestone calls, feedback calls, customer onboarding, and final calls.

Then we carried out the Account Growth & Loyalty campaign by conducting engagements to generate up/cross selling and customer retention opportunities.

When up/cross selling and customer retention opportunities were generated, we connected the customer with the appropriate sales and/or customer service department representative.


Increase of revenue by 80%.

Increase in customer retention and satisfaction.

Increase of customer lifetime value and profitability by 4x.

Increase of sales and customer service staff job satisfaction and retention rate.