Appointment Setting for a Government-funded NonProfit’s Partnership Campaign




A nonprofit funded by a Canadian government department/agency was tasked with creating a program to potentially be used by nonprofits who were funded by the same Canadian government department/agency (“partners”). Although the program development went well, half of their fiscal year elapsed and they had acquired few partners. Their team was good at acquiring partners after meeting with key decision-makers, but lacked the time and expertise to identify and generate appointments/interest from those key decision-makers.

The nonprofit’s CEO recognized that, to have their funding renewed, they needed to significantly increase their partner acquisition in the remainder of the fiscal year to show their funders that there was great demand/utilization of their program.


The nonprofit’s CEO asked us to provide the B2B Lead Generation: Appointment Setting service using our Canadian Sales Outsourcing delivery method.

We started by conducting the campaign setup including analyzing the target partners’ industry, developing a clear value proposition, analyzing the nonprofit’s communication style, and creating a personalized direct outreach campaign.

We then implemented B2B Lead Generation: Appointment Setting best practices and compiled the list of target partners.

We then launched & continued the B2B Lead Generation: Appointment Setting Campaign to book appointments with target partners’ key decision-makers which included attempting direct outreach, continuing to follow up until the appointment is set, setting the appointment with the appropriate nonprofit representative, and improving the campaign effectiveness.


Increase in booked appointments – more than 160 appointments were scheduled with target partners’ key decision-makers.

Creation of a comprehensive list of target partners.

Increase in partner acquisition opportunities.

Increase in demand/utilization of the nonprofit’s program.