Onboarding, nurturing, and celebrating the customers’ experience, and loyalty


Greater Vancouver


An education institution providing classes and tutoring had a customer service team that did not have a clear vision/focus of where to dedicate their time and efforts and were struggling with customer retention/loyalty – customers were leaving sooner than expected and they did not know what to do to turn things around. The president of the institution identified this gap which was impacting their customer lifetime value.


The president of the institution asked us to provide Account Growth & Loyalty services using our service delivery method of Canadian sales outsourcing.

We started by conducting analysis/assessment/research of their customers’ journey, onboarding experience, and nurturing process.

We then implemented Account Growth & Loyalty best practices with support from their customer service and marketing departments.

After a successful implementation, we developed a knowledge base and integrated it with the training process for future Account Growth & Loyalty Managers and the institution hired an internal Account Growth & Loyalty who we trained and supported.

We then continued with the delivery method of co-sourcing/co-managing the institution’s Account Growth & Loyalty team through support on an as-needed basis and a monthly training session.


Improvement of customer loyalty and retention processes.

Increase in customer satisfaction (higher NPS scores).

Increase of customer lifetime value and profitability.

Systemization of the institution’s Account Growth & Loyalty staff training and expectations.