Recruiting, Onboarding, and Nurturing Channel Partners/Resellers for a Corporate Client


Greater Vancouver


A corporation operating in multiple industries was struggling with its channel partner/reseller program – they had a lack of expertise in recruiting, onboarding, and nurturing channel partners/resellers. The president of the organization wanted to increase customer acquisition and revenue through channel partners/resellers – essentially to increase customer acquisition by having a decentralized sales effort paid on commission only.


The corporation asked us to provide our channel partner/reseller recruitment co-sourcing service to help them to recruit, onboard, and nurture channel partners/resellers.

We started by conducting an analysis of our client’s current channel partner/reseller onboarding process (clear value/incentive, channel partner sales knowledge base, etc).

We then trained, launched, and managed our client’s salesforce in the effort to generate channel partner/reseller leads through B2B Outreach, elevate their onboarding process, and develop/implement an ongoing channel partner/reseller nurturing program.


Increase of customers acquired and revenue generated through channel partners/resellers.

Improvement of the client’s channel partner/reseller sales training process for future channel partner/reseller recruitment efforts.

Increase of channel partner/reseller loyalty/retention.

Improvement of channel partner/reseller satisfaction (they felt recognized and appreciated).