Sales Foundations Training for a Marketing Agency Owner




A boutique content marketing agency was generating many leads for their business but, although they were highly skilled in generating leads, they lacked sales expertise and were struggling to convert leads into clients unless they heavily discounted their services.

The owner/manager identified this expertise gap and was seeking to create an effective and systematized sales process that they themself could use to close deals and that, after increasing the agency’s revenue, could be replicated to train future sales staff.


The owner/manager signed up for our Sales Foundations Training Course to learn how to build a firm foundation for their sales department and to increase their target acquisition effectiveness.

The owner/manager attended three training sessions (1 hour per session) which focused on clearly defining their product/service packages, developing a targeted value proposition, documenting compelling sales stories, and creating sales talking points.


Increase in the owner/manager’s target acquisition effectiveness (without discounting!).

Creation of clearly defined product/service packages, a targeted value proposition, compelling sales stories, and sales talking points.

Creation of the foundational sales components needed to run high-performance sales campaigns.

Increase in the owner/manager’s sales preparedness & sales confidence.