Sales Foundations Training for an Investment Group’s VP of Marketing & Sales


Greater Vancouver & Squamish


A Real Estate Investment Group, although highly effective in providing investment opportunities, advisory services, purchasing services, selling services, and management services, lacked the expertise to proactively generate potential client (investor) leads, except through word of mouth.

The VP of Marketing & Sales identified this gap and sought expert advice on how to run a lead generation campaign to increase their client (investor) acquisition opportunities.


The Real Estate Investment Group’s VP of Marketing & Sales signed up for our Sales Foundations Course to learn how to build a firm foundation for their sales department to run an investor cold calling lead generation campaign.

The VP of Marketing & Sales attended three training sessions (1 hour per session) which focused on clearly defining their product/service packages, developing a targeted value proposition, documenting compelling sales stories, and creating sales talking points.


Increase in the Real Estate Investment Group’s cold-calling (investor) lead generation effectiveness.

Creation of clearly defined product/service packages, a targeted value proposition, compelling sales stories, and sales talking points.

Creation of the foundational sales components needed to run high-performance sales campaigns.

Increase in VP of Marketing & Sales’ cold-calling preparedness & sales confidence.