Target Acquisition for a NonProfit’s Service Delivery Partner Campaign




A nonprofit program funded by a Canadian government department/agency was aiming to acquire partners before their fiscal year ended (in 3-months), but their program’s team lacked the sales experience to do so and they didn’t have time to hire and train a new staff member. They were generating more than 80 leads per month but didn’t have the time to close leads to becoming partners – in particular potential partners with multiple stakeholders.

The Executive Director identified the need to have a dedicated sales staffing provider with verified experience to accomplish the task of acquiring more channel partners so as to increase their likelihood of significantly increasing the number of customers generated through those channel partners.


The nonprofit’s Executive Director asked us to provide Target Acquisition services using our service delivery method of Canadian sales outsourcing.

We started by conducting analysis/assessment/research of their partner opportunity, value proposition, presentation, & closing strategy/process.

Then, we implemented the best target acquisition practices and compiled a list of leads that had not been closed.

We then launched & carried out the Target Acquisition Campaign to close the leads and turn them into channel partners which included lead nurturing cadences, a custom discovery/presentation meeting, and closing strategies.

After acquiring 75% of the leads, we sent a summary of the target acquisition campaign’s results and an Excel spreadsheet with all the lead information gathered (including name, phone number, email address, etc.).


Increase of approximately 200% in channel partners.

Reactivation and conversion of dead leads into channel partners.

Reclaimed time savings of ~480 hours sales efforts for the nonprofit’s program team.

Increase in demand/utilization of the nonprofit’s program.

Increase in multi-program collaboration opportunities.