Target Acquisition Services for a Social Enterprise




A Social Enterprise providing education services was generating over 60 leads per month, but did not have the expertise to close leads if they did not register on the initial call. AND had a list of 300+ leads that did not close. AND did not have the experience/interest in training and managing a salesperson because they wanted to focus on operations in order to be able to scale their organization.

The Executive Director identified that their organization lacked sales experience and started to seek an independent, self-managed salesperson to focus on converting leads into customers and increasing sales revenue.


The Social Enterprise’s Executive Director asked us to provide Target Acquisition services using our service delivery method of Canadian sales outsourcing.

We started by conducting analysis/assessment/research of their service package, value proposition, sales presentation, & closing strategy/process.

Then, we implemented target acquisition best practices and compiled a list of leads that had not been closed.

We then launched & carried out the Target Acquisition Campaign to close the leads and turn them into customers which included lead nurturing cadences, a custom discovery/presentation meeting, and closing strategies.


400% increase in new business revenue generated (year-over-year).

Reactivation and conversion of dormant leads into customers.

Increase in the number of customers acquired.

Introduction/registration to project leads once the customer was acquired.

Time savings of over 1920 hours in sales efforts.