Target Acquisition Services for an Owner-Operator’s Business resulting in Sales of $1,000,000+


Greater Vancouver


An owner-operator providing group courses was generating over 100 leads each month, but did not have the time/energy to close leads if they did not register on the initial call. AND he had a list of 4000+ leads that did not close. AND did not have the time/energy to train a sales representative. The owner-operator identified this gap which was impacting his business’s revenue.


The owner-operator asked us to provide Target Acquisition services using our service delivery method of Canadian sales outsourcing.

We started by conducting analysis/assessment/research of their service package, value proposition, sales presentation, & closing strategy/process.

We then implemented Target Acquisition best practices and compiled the list of leads that had not been closed.

We then launched & continued the Target Acquisition Campaign to close the leads which included lead nurturing cadences, a custom discovery/presentation meeting, and closing strategies.


Increase of approximately 50% of the business revenues translated into more than $1,000,000 in sales.

Revival and conversion of “dead leads” into current paying customers.

Increase in the number of customers acquired.

Introduction/registration to owner-operator’s program(s) once the customer was acquired.