What’s included in a Growth Consulting Session:

During your first 60-minute growth consulting session, we will identify your business’s fastest growth opportunities.

I have a proven track record of growing businesses in 10+ industries and have 65+ certifications. I’d like to share these marketing, sales, and customer success strategies with you.

You will receive a free Industry Brief and marketing plan.

The Industry Brief is specific to the geographic region you serve, breaks down the top 15 products/services in your industry, your ideal customer profile for each product/service, and the benefits to the ideal customer. This helps you prioritize your marketing activities based on your product/service focus, ideal customers, and preferred lead generation method.

The 60-minute Growth Planning session is via Zoom. We will review the Industry Brief together. I will give you a written 7-day step-by-step marketing action plan personalized to your preferred lead generation method.

Would you be interested in a free industry brief and 60-minute growth planning session?

What It’s Not:

There is no “Hard Sell”. At the end of the 60-minute growth consulting session, I will offer to book you for a second growth consulting session to write your next actionable 7-day step-by-step plan. It’s currently $125/hr.

Your Growth Consulting session is not some “trick” to book you for a sales meeting.

If you don’t have time to implement an actionable marketing plan, please don’t book a free growth consulting session because it won’t be useful for you. Instead, call, text, or email my team with some context and they can send you a quote: 778.312.3188, [email protected]

What’s the Catch? I am currently in negotiations to take on a sales director role to grow a client from $5M to $30M. It would take me up to 4 days/wk for 9+ months… so I don’t know how long this offer will last.

About Your Consultant
  • Average Client Growth is $100k Per Month; Grew Clients as Fast as $4M in 6 Months
  • Ran 5 National Campaigns for Companies Ranging From $1M to $30M in Revenue
  • 10+ Years of Expertise in Marketing, Sales and Customer Success From Entry to Executive Level Roles
  • Led Campaigns in 10+ Industries, Selling Products/services Ranging From $7 to $12.5M
  • Grew 7 Real Estate Companies in 3 Years in Greater Vancouver From 2012 to 2015
  • Learned Audio, Lighting, Video, Website Development Events Management, and Related Skills (While Working as a Pro Musician)
  • Founded, Operated for 10 Years and Sold a Music School in 2020
  • Generated Tens of Thousands of Leads Through Marketing, Including Running Google and Facebook Ads.
  • Certified in Product and Service Development and Systematization.
  • Managed a Company With 15 Staff for Service Delivery
  • Diverse Background in Marketing and Entrepreneurship Including Training Hundreds of People
  • Helps Businesses Generate Leads, Close Sales, and Grow While Navigating Ethical Considerations and Practical Challenges
Dan Gilmour
Founder of SalesStrategy.ca
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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