Employee Recruiting, Training, And Retention

Fulfill your vision by systemizing your sales and operations and building the right team.

Grow Your Team

The only way you’ll go on vacation is if you have staff.”

If you have multiple offers and a bunch of clients, but are not growing fast enough…

you have to scale your capacity by hiring staff

there is no way around it.

you must have proven processes to deliver exceptional quality

but you don’t have time.

so you need a clone of yourself with next-level organizational skills to help you do it.

Systematize Your Business

You see things through systems.”

‘Just-winging-it’ is a huge risk to your business growth…

you may be super organized and need to duplicate yourself

or you may be looking to bring a systems expert onto your team

Wisdom is not only learning from your mistakes,

Wisdom is getting an operating manual in place to ensure your team continues using your best practices.

Build Manuals

We are experts at creating long-lasting operating manuals.

We worked with a group of investors to help them build 7 businesses over 3 years.

Our role was to systematize these businesses’ sales and operations processes, and hire, equip, and train their staff.

Most of these businesses took about 2 weeks to systematize before we handed them off to their sales and operations managers.

How long will it take you to systematize your business?

Empower & Delegate

When I started in business, I thought I was unique and there was no one who could do what I was doing – I was mostly wrong.”

As the business owner, you have a vision unlike any of your staff, and you have unique skills that are extremely expensive to outsource.

But the majority of tasks can be accomplished by your staff…

And those staff can consistently deliver high-quality work with the right training.

With the right hires, your team will have stronger skillsets to level up your results.

Don’t slow down your business growth

Build the right team to fulfill your vision.

Free Up Your Time

We are experts at building long-lasting teams.

We worked with a client to develop their new offer and we closed them $300K in sales in 4 months.

Before closing the sales, we worked with them on their offer’s positioning, messaging, marketing process, and closing process.

But they expected $50K in sales – not $300K.

So they needed to free up their time and capacity by replacing themselves with a new manager to run their other established offer

And allow themselves to deliver on their new offer.

We ran their manager search and generated over 100 applications in 1 week…

And, in less than 4 weeks, we found and hired our client’s new manager…

who has now done outstanding work with them for 2+ years.

How long will it take you to build the right team?

Build Operations Manuals

Use a proven method to systematize each part of your operations with precision and speed .

Build Your Operations Team

Create the right operations team and set your team up for success.

Build Sales Playbooks

Level up your sales department with specialized sales trainings and playbooks.

Build Your Sales Team

Create the right sales team to rapidly scale your sales success.

Scale Your Team's Capacity

How it works:

We help you to rapidly close sales.

And, at the same time, ensure your operations staff are able to handle the rapid increase in customer orders by hiring and empowering your staff to deliver high-quality work.

For a recent client, it took us 6 months to scale their offer to $3M sales.

How long will it take you?