Do you want to get more b2b leads?

When you have no leads, leads become the most important thing to add to your sales pipeline.

If you are great at closing deals but don’t have any more leads, your skills are wasted.

Or even if you have a good number of customers who keep buying from you, but your income is not increasing because you need more NEW customers, getting more leads becomes essential.

In all of these cases, the fastest way to boost your revenue is to invest in an effective and consistent lead generation program.

You may be asking yourself if your current lead generation program is working.
If not (or if it’s not generating enough leads), then it’s time to change it up (or at least have a 2nd lead generation program to test which strategy works better).

And remember, if you’re not getting those leads, your competitors are – and that puts more money in your competitors’ pockets that they then spend on beating you. It doesn’t have to be this way.

You don’t have to miss out on those buyers – that money can be in your pocket.
But first, you have to get those leads.


So what is the best way to generate ready-to-buy B2B leads consistently and cost effectively?

The hard reality is that the majority of organizations who have large budgets are not Googling who they should work with – they are getting referrals and being contacted by hungry salespeople.

If you are not part of their network when they are ready to buy, they will work with one of the many salespeople who have proactively connected with them.

The best lead generation program to implement first if you are looking to generate B2B leads in the shortest time and in a proactive and consistent way is B2B telemarketing.

Not only can you proactively target your ideal target market, but you can also develop relationships, grow your email list (with permission), and develop instant feedback and insights from the businesses you want to sell to.

Getting all your efforts squarely focused on connecting with your ideal target customers is the best way to save you time and increase profit by engaging potential customers and nurturing the relationship, so that, when they are ready to buy, they call you first.

After getting B2B leads, our clients have reported benefits such as:

“There was a time when I felt very frustrated, my business was stagnant at 40% capacity and I knew I couldn’t sustain any more losses. Obviously, I needed to get more clients but I needed an expert hand that could guide me and tell me what to do. Thanks to SalesStrategy.ca I was able to correct the mistakes I was making and get my business back on track. Basically getting new B2B customers was what saved my business, from there everything started to flow.”

“I felt discouraged because I saw all the hard work that my sales team was doing but still the results were not good at all. I knew there was something they weren’t doing right but I didn’t know what exactly it was. I hired went with your sales consulting service and your team quickly identified the problem – we had failures in B2B lead generation. After going through some training from your team, my salespeople quickly started using what they learned and working on getting more leads. Then, within a month or so, we started seeing real results in our B2B lead generation. The income in my business started to increase a lot, it was great to see and we are still seeing the results compound.”

“I needed to increase the income of my business, I had bills to pay and I knew that the only way to do it was to close deals but I was not receiving B2B leads. I had an empty pipeline – there were no more leads for us to try to sell to – so I was really worried. I knew that I urgently needed a B2B lead generation program but my sales team just didn’t cut it so I had to outsource the service. Fortunately, I fell into good hands, the SalesStrategy.ca sales team rescued us from disaster. When B2B leads started coming in, our calendars started filling up and all we had to do was close the leads. They sent us highly qualified leads so it was pretty straightforward for us to turn most of the leads into sales. We have a lot to thank them for and we’re planning to keep your B2B Telemarketers for a long time.”

“I felt devastated that I had invested time and money in a B2B lead generation program that was not working as expected – we already tried email marketing, social media, and SEO but nothing was working at the level we needed it to. There were very few leads that we were receiving and we could not justify the investment that we made. I knew Dan from a previous business he had and knew that what he was working on was solid so we decided to give his B2B Telemarketers a try. It was awesome to see that Dan’s team cared about us and put the time in to make sure that our campaign would work. After the setup time, they started generating results within 3 days. It’s been about 10 months since then and they’ve only increased their results. Thank you!”

Getting more B2B leads is a great strategy to:

  • Sell more and close more deals (because you have more sales opportunities)
  • Keep your sales team engaged by giving them more opportunities to close deals
  • Gain more market share
    Increase your revenue
  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Take market share from your competitors

Are you working to get more b2b leads? Do this first.