How To Hire A Pay For Performance Telemarketer Training

Is the How To Hire A Pay For Performance Telemarketer training right for you?
  • You have a proven telemarketing process and need telemarketers to make cold calls, but don’t have the income to support paying another staff member so you need that staff member to generate more income so that you can pay them with your business’s increased income

  • You know telemarketing is needed for your business to grow, but you can only pay the telemarketer if your business sells more and grows
  • You haven’t hired a telemarketer before and know you need a process for hiring telemarketers before you start

  • You’ve already tested your call script and cold calling strategies – they work, but you don’t have enough time to do it yourself

  • You don’t know what questions to ask potential telemarketers to know if they are the right or wrong fit for your business

  • You need a proven job description that attracts the right telemarketers to your business

With the How To Hire A Pay For Performance Telemarketer training you will:

  • Learn how to attract the right telemarketer to your team

  • Get access to proven processes for attracting, interviewing, and hiring telemarketers

  • Learn how to identify the right (and wrong) telemarketers so you can hire the right ones
  • Learn how to negotiate pay by performance telemarketing agreements

  • Discover where to find quality telemarketers who are open to pay by performance telemarketing

  • Learn when to hire and fire pay by performance telemarketers

After experiencing the results from the How To Hire A Pay For Performance Telemarketer training, our clients have reported benefits such as:

“I knew we needed a telemarketer to generate more leads, but I couldn’t afford to bring on a telemarketer unless I paid them from new clients that bought something. It was kinda like the chicken or the egg problem. We needed customers first to pay the telemarketer, but weren’t really able to get customers unless we were doing telemarketing. SalesStrategy.ca’s training really helped us get our telemarketing started with the pay for performance strategy. And now, just a few months later, we have more customers and have actually decided to bring on a salaried telemarketer (because we found it’s actually cheaper in the long run). But getting started, definitely we needed the pay for performance model. Thanks!”

“I needed to bring potential customers to my business without adding to my costs but all online options were very expensive. I decided on telemarketing because I did it when my business was just starting to get our first clients. I needed to pay for performance telemarketer but I didn’t know where to look or really how to make that type of deal. SalesStrategy.ca offered me their training on How To Hire A Pay For Performance B2B Telemarketer and it basically taught me what I need to get started. Now I have a few pay for performance telemarketers and I used the exact method you taught me to attract, interview and hire them.”
“When I started my business, I was doing the lead generation and service delivery myself. Then I started to get a lot of clients and focused on the service delivery. It was basically a feast or famine cycle where I worked on getting leads, then switched to service delivery when those leads turned into customers. Then back and forth. I knew we needed another team member to generate leads and got a call from SalesStrategy.ca about their training. I already had a call script ready to go but never did HR or any hiring before so their training was really helpful. I used their method to hire my first pay for performance telemarketer – it’s been great and my business is now continuing to grow in the right direction.”

“The truth is that I was not very good at generating leads and I was looking for a person who would take care of this and who would not have any kind of dependency on me. A couple of months passed and I couldn’t find the right person, I tried hiring a few telemarketers but it was a total failure. Fortunately, I heard about SalesStrategy.ca’s offer for both setting up the telemarketing scripts and system and also the How To Hire A Pay For Performance B2B Telemarketer and immediately decided to take the training. After the training and following all the recommendations that Dan gave me, I quickly found my first telemarketer.”

The B2B Telemarketer Course Package

Need a pay for performance b2b telemarketer?

If you are looking to grow your sales department, a b2b telemarketer is a must.

Your salespeople need leads and a hungry b2b telemarketer paid by performance is a great way to fill your salespeople’s calendars.

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