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Get the marketing perspective you need to create effective lead magnets and advertising messaging

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"Wow! Thank you. I was thinking of the best way to market immigration services, starting by offering services for assistance with study and work permit applications. This report helped me determine the best course of action and messaging to get more leads in South Africa."

- Bronwyn Brink-Beukes, RCIC in Vancouver

Some of the secrets you'll learn inside:
Secret #1
15 Proven Lead Magnets for Metro Vancouver RCICs (that you are likely missing)
Secret #2
Targeted Messaging Insights To Help You Attract Your Ideal Clients (and keep away clients from hell)
Secret #3
Benefits You Should Be Promoting In Your Marketing (and who they attract)
You will look at your marketing from the outside in and get a deep understanding of what makes people tick from a realist.

Using this report's insights your Immigration Consulting business can attract and get constant requests from:
- Express Entry Applications Leads
- Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Applications Leads
- Family Sponsorship Applications Leads
- Study Permit Applications Leads
- Work Permit Applications Leads