Do you want to prepare your business to scale?

After you have closed your first customers, the next step is to start to systematize your business so that it is ready to scale. This includes systematizing your delivery process, sales process, and everything in between.

When you business is preparing to scale, it is important that you are serving customers in your ideal target market because you can then capture and systematize your ideal target markets preferences, and create a repeatable way to both acquire them and turn them into advocates once they are customers.

Here are some of the main clues that preparing your business to scale is the right strategic choice:

  • You have identified a great opportunity in a specific target market, have validated your target market’s interest, and the interest in your product/service, and have sold that product or service the same way at least a few times to that ideal target market. 
  • You want to duplicate yourself so that your clones can sell (and deliver) more of your product/service.
  • You know you need to create systems for your business in order for it to scale but you don’t know where to start.
  • You have a delivered your product/service to your ideal target market and they are happy with the results.
  • You are anxious to start taking on more customers in a specific target market, but are concerned that you may not be able to serve them at a high quality of product/service delivery because you (or certain key team members) are a bottleneck in the delivery process.
  • You want a repeatable way to train your staff on how to deliver your product/service at a high quality so that you are confident, when you hire more staff members, that you can quickly train them to deliver at a high quality.
  • You have some revenue coming in, but you know that you need to create a delivery system and sales process in order to scale your business and have trained staff do the work that normally you do all by yourself.
  • You want to hire an operations manager to focus on delivering your product/service, but your delivery process is all in your head and you know you need a system before hiring a operations manager to make sure they deliver your product/service the right way.
  • You want to hire a salesperson but are not sure what they should be doing and know you need a sales process for them to follow so that you can make sure they are producing results for a good ROI. 
  • You want your team to start delivering at the same quality as you have been delivering you product/service and sales pitches.

After preparing their business to scale, our clients have reported benefits such as:

“There came a time when I couldn’t do it alone, I wanted to train my sales team to sell just as if I were the one doing it. After the took the training, my team is now selling our services with the customer experience quality that our customers expect.”

“I needed to hire more people because I was doing practically all the work by myself, but I didn’t know how to do it because I’ve never really trained a team. I knew I had to create a proper sales system and delivery system to successfully scale my business and ensure that work was executed according to plan. I now have more time to focus on improving the operations of my business and not just keeping up with sales and delivery.”

“Hiring a salesperson had become necessary. I knew I had to hire one but I had no idea what specific activities I should assign to them and how to measure their performance. To solve this problem, I created a step-by-step sales process in order to guide the salesperson and also know the progress and results. The process creation helped me a lot in my sales management.”

“Things were getting complicated in my business, there was a lot of work to do and tasks were getting out of control. I was aware that I had to create systems in my business to make the work easier to do and less bottlenecked on me. I urgently needed to scale my business so that we could stay ahead of our competition and that’s what I did. Now with each system, I can better measure the results, this also helps me to plan our sales goals so we can fill our added delivery capacity.”

“I knew how to run my business on my own but my business was growing and I couldn’t complete all the tasks on my own. I knew that if I wanted my business to scale I had to hire an operations manager to take care of all the delivery. I was very concerned because I had all of the process stored in my head and not witten down. Luckily, with SalesStrategy.ca’s direction, I mapped out our operations systems and the operations manager I hired took those systems and took care of all the work. Finally, after this, I was able to breathe on the delivery side.”

The step of preparing your business to scale is an important strategy to:

  • Guarantee continuous improvement in your business by implementing systems/processes that simplify product/service delivery and sales AND also have a way that team members can improve the systems/processes quality.
  • Increase your team’s productivity by training and building systems.
  • Setting a benchmark expectation for quality and productivity.
  • Improve the processes in your business in order to improve the delivery quality of your products/services so that when your sales increase you have more happy customers and less returns.
  • Build a sales process so that your future sales team becomes an extension of how you sell.
  • Set up your delivery systems and sales process so that it exceeds the expectations of your target market by meeting ALL their needs.
  • Set up your customers feedback and sales team feedback (prospect feedback) loops so that your product development team can continue to improve your product/service to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Identify and interview customers, study their needs, and improve your product/service based on your ideal customer’s needs and customer satisfaction.

Are you preparing to scale your business? Do this first.

Prepare Your Operations Team To Scale

When you are preparing to scale your business, you need to determine are if you are focusing on systematizing your operations and product/service delivery or if someone else is in charge of this.

Either way, whether it is you or a operations manager in charge of this, it is important that they prepare your product/service delivery team so that they are able to take on a significant amount of new clients in a short period of time (aka – they are ready to scale operations).

We have worked with numerous clients to teach their operations team the principles and strategies required to prepare to scale.

If you or a team member is the operations manager, we recommend to start with the Solopreneur To CEO Course to make sure your business is systematizing your operations the right way and not stuck in an endless preparation cycle. Learn more about the Solopreneur To CEO Course here.

Alternatively, if you need an operations expert to free up some of your time ASAP, we recommend our Fractional Chief Operations Officer Service to add c-level improvements and oversight to level up your business for a fraction of the cost of a full time executive. Learn about the Fractional Chief Operations Officer (COO) Service here.