VP of Sales & Telemarketing

When is the Fractional VP of Sales and Telemarketing Service is right for your business?

Some of the main clues the remote fractional VP of Sales and Telemarketing Service will help are:

  • You need to improve the sales process of your business
  • You need an executive level, specialized sales expert to make sure you are making the right choices to improve your sales teams results
  • You’re looking to build your sales department right the first time
  • Your sales team needs expert sales advice to boost sales and scale your sales team
  • You need to level up your business’s sales and increase sales revenue
  • You need a VP of Sales and Telemarketing, but only for up to 25 hours per week (not full time) and need a flexible option that won’t break the bank

Your company’s sales are slowing and you need your sales department to sell more ASAP.

If your business’s sales revenue needs improvement, hiring an expert sales executive is your best option as they will be able to see all the problems in your sales department, know what to fix, and how to fix it in the shortest period of time.

If your sales department is losing sales, inefficient, or underperforming, you need to rapidly identify, find, and implement a solution or your competitors’ sales will quickly outpace your sales.

The #1 reason why companies go out of business is insufficient sales.

This doesn’t mean they didn’t sell – it just means they did not sell enough, fast enough.

SalesStrategy.ca’s expert VPs of Sales and Telemarketing are able to rapidly identify, find, and implement a solution to make sure your sales department is producing top-performing salespeople who consistently exceed sales quotas.

With the remote Fractional VP of Sales and Telemarketing Service:

    • You will get executive level sales and telemarketing experience added to your team for the fraction of the cost of hiring a full time team member
    • You will have sales and telemarketing best practices implemented in your business by a c-level sales and telemarketing executive
    • You will strengthen your sales team with specialized training, advice, and direction from your Fractional VP of Sales and Telemarketing.
    • Your remote Fractional VP of Sales and Telemarketing Service will have dedicate time directly to growing your business

After experiencing the results from the Fractional VP Sales and Telemarketing Service our clients have reported benefits such as:

“At first, I wasn’t sure about bringing on your fractional VP of Sales and Telemarketing because my staff were working from my office and you were working remotely. However, it has worked great and my sales and telemarketing team’s results speak for themselves. It’s been a great help to really add gas to our sales and lead generation. Happy with the service. Looking forward to see how much you can grow my sales this year!”

“When we came to you, we had a young motivated team, but didn’t have anyone who worked on large-scale sales and telemarketing campaigns – so that part of our team was lacking. I looked at hiring a full-time salaried sales executive but it seemed more than we needed. So I looked for alternatives and found your hourly VP option which was great because it was flexible and could meet our budget. SalesStrategy.ca’s hourly service was just what we needed, and, as our requirements increased, you were able to grow with us. It was the right choice and we’re glad we decided to work with you.”

“Before working with you, we had some good sales months but our salespeople were struggling to consistently make sales that we could rely on every month. We thought about bringing you on as consultants, but really liked that you were able to be more involved with our team as a fractional VP. After we brought you on, I remember you made some quick changes to our sales process and it improve pretty much right away. Since then you’ve been helping our team grow and the results are fantastic.”

“I needed a VP in my business, but, because our sales were so variable, hiring a VP on a monthly salary was not feasible… but I still needed some c-level help. I liked that your VP Service offered me an option for an hourly rate because we could add more hours as needed, but still be able to base your rate on our sales. When you started, you saw right away what needed to be done to make our sales more consistent. And after you improved our value proposition, you increased our salespeople’s closing rate right away. I am very satisfied with the results and glad you are on our team.”


until January 1st. Now's the easiest time to
add gas to your sales and revenue growth. Get Started

until January 1st. Now's the easiest time to
add gas to your sales and revenue growth. Get Started