Sales Closer Service

When is the Sales Closer Service right for your business?

  • You need to close more sales but you don’t have enough time

  • Leads are waiting to buy, but you don’t have enough salespeople to close them so your hot leads may go to waste

  • You need managed, self directed salespeople to close sales and you don’t have enough time to babysit them because you have to focus on your current role as Project Manager, VP or CEO
  • Your salespeople are inexperienced and you don’t want them to lose high value leads – and you need experienced sales closers ASAP

  • You are losing opportunities to close deals because the time between the lead inquiring and the time you are calling them to close the sale is too long and it seems that leads have lost interest

Many leads to close but you don't have enough time to do the work.

The first step to closing leads is to create prioritize your most important leads and follow up with those leads based on the size of the deal and how urgently they need to be closed.

If you don’t have time or have other work preventing you from closing those leads, you need to get a sales closer immediately because you are missing out on deals.
If you don’t act fast enough, you will lose a lot of income because potential customers will end up buying from your competition if they do not buy from you.

At SalesStrategy.ca, we take care of closing those leads and turning them into current customers for you so you can spend time working on what you do best – or simply take the time to relax.

You need to hire an expert team to close your sales because your specialty is marketing and lead generation - not sales.

If you’re a genius at getting leads, but you’re lousy at closing deals – or you just procrastinate on doing it – you need a sales closer on your team.

You should focus on hiring a sales closer (or team sales closers) to close your sales because, the longer you wait, the colder your hot leads become.

Not only can sales closers focus on closing new hot leads that you generate, but our team of sales closers are experts at reviving and converting old, dead leads that didn’t close, reviving them, and turning them into current customers.
Rather than trying to do everything alone, the returns far outweigh the cost of a good sales closer and nowhere else can you find a return on investment that turns the time you invested in generating leads into cold hard cash.

Or you could wait and your competitors could continue getting the revenue you lose when you can’t close a hot lead – we prefer that income in your pocket.

At SalesStrategy.ca, we prepare our sales closers to focus on closing sales and getting you more customers so that you can focus on getting more leads and managing your business.

You need your business to sell more and increase your revenue but don't have enough salespeople to close the sales.

You want to generate leads, do marketing, close sales, and the rest of the tasks required in running your business, but there’s only so much one person can do in a day.

Running a business is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t burn out! Trying to do everything yourself will leave you exhausted and at your worst.

Having a sales closer (or team of sales closers) can radically increase your sales by spending the right amount of time focusing on closing important deals.
A dedicated sales closer on your team means that you have someone who all day, every day is 100% focused on how to close more sales, more effectively, and how to sell more of your products/services.

If you are distracted and trying to do everything else, it is impossible to give sales the attention needed to improve your sales results.

At SalesStrategy.ca, we are experts putting together sales closer teams for our clients to rapidly increase their sales revenue and take the headache of sales off their owner’s plate.

Your sales team is not doing its job well and you need to hire an expert sales team urgently.

If you are managing your sales team or overseeing your sales department, it is important to have a benchmark to measure your sales team’s performance.

At SalesStrategy.ca, we have an expert ready-to-sell sales closer team that our clients can choose to bring in to make sure they have a clear comparison between their team’s sales performance and an outside team’s sales performance.

However, if you already know for a fact that your sales department is severely underperforming and need to let them go, it is important to bring in an outside team that can continue to fulfill your sales needs while you rebuild your internal sales team.

Our clients have been so impressed by our expert sales closer team’s performance that they have sometimes even decided to stay with SalesStrategy.ca’s sales closers because they are fully managed, headache-free, and top performers.

You know how to close sales, but you don't have the time to do it because you are in charge of operations.

If you are in charge of both operations and sales, something has to give.

As an salesperson, your job is to overwhelm your operations team with tons of sales.

As an operations manager, your job is to make sure you have the capacity to deliver a high quality product/service to your customers – and to keep your operations team lean through the ups and downs of sales.

But these two hats are competing against each other.

Sometimes your operations suffer because you need to focus on sales.

Sometimes your sales suffer because you need to focus on operations.
With a dedicated sales closer on your team, your operations and sales don’t need to suffer anymore.

A dedicated sales closer focuses on making sure you have sales consistently coming in so that your business can escape the feast or famine cycle.

At SalesStrategy.ca, our proven sales closer onboarding process ensures that there is a smooth hand off between you and our sales closer so that you can have the peace of mind that your customers are treated right and that sales are consistently coming in.

Our Sales Closer Service gets you:

  • Closed deals in less time

  • Increased sales and revenue generation

  • Headache-Free – we provide a fully managed sales closer team

  • A machine to “print money” (close sales) while you sleep (or do other stuff)

After experiencing the results from the Sales Closer Service, our clients have reported benefits such as:

  • “I stopped worrying about closing sales”

  • “I now feel content and calm. I know my employees’ (and my) paychecks are safe and that we can reliably support our families”

  • “I worked hard to create processes and a system that increased our production capacity and I am glad that we are finally filling that capacity with customers”

  • “We’re not struggling anymore – we’re growing and getting market share. It’s actually kinda cool that I’m getting invited to speak at industry conference because we’re now an industry leader.”
  • “I’m no longer chained to the desk closing sales 8 hours a day. I’m able to dedicate my time to improving my business.”

  • “I like marketing and I’m good at it, but never liked the sales aspect (except for getting paid). I handed over the sales part, and now have a clear mind to concentrate on optimizing our marketing strategies.”


The sales closer service includes calling, emailing, videoconferencing, and (occasionally) social media.

Depending on leads preferred communication channels, there may be additional channels used such as texting, etc.