Sales Consulting

Why hire us for Sales Consulting?

Sales Consulting:

  • Helps you and your sales team optimize their efforts to rapidly increase sales growth.

  • Equips you with effective prospecting strategies to consistently get high-quality sales opportunities.

  • Helps you optimize and eliminate bottlenecks in your sales process.
  • Helps you scale your sales and enjoy the success of more closed sales and increased revenue.

  • Teach you how to cultivate relationships with your prospects and increase lead generation.

  • Equips you and your sales team with sales collateral

  • Helps you optimize your sales presentations.

Is Sales Consulting right for your business?

  • You feel frustrated because your competitors are taking more market share, you’re struggling to get more customers, and are losing customers to your competitors – you need your product/service to stand out ASAP.

  • New products/services have been dumped on your sales team… and they are struggling to sell them. You are stumped on what to say and need sales to increase fast.
  • You have a big meeting in 1 week and need to immediately create an expert sales pitch to increase your chances of closing that deal.

  • Your sales team is blaming your product/service for poor sales results, but you know that they were winging it before and that the product/service is not the problem. You need to quickly give your sales team a quality sales pitch that works and get them fired up to start selling.

  • Your sales team is great at generating new leads, but never seems to bother following up… you believe there is gold in the follow up and need an expert to teach them how to do that.

  • There are bottlenecks in your sales process and you need them eliminated ASAP so you can improve your sales team’s performance.

  • You want to go on vacation, but can’t leave your post as sales manager because you don’t believe your sales team will produce results while you are away – and need that to change.

  • You’re operations team keeps harassing you to increase sales because they have more capacity to deliver… but you’re not sure what to do as a sales manager to increase your sales team’s results.

  • You need to rework your sales commission structure to make sure the sales results you need are being rewarded properly and your salespeople prioritize selling your most profitable offerings.

After experiencing the results from the Sales Consulting Service, our clients have reported benefits such as:

  • “After analyzing our sales team,’s consultant taught us the sales methods and tools that we needed to apply in order to increase our sales growth.”

  • “We learned how to better connect with prospects on an emotional level to increase our sales. After using this strategy, we started trying to connect emotionally in each call and email with prospects and we have definitely had better responses.”

  • “Before the Sales Consulting sessions, our sales team didn’t feel secure talking to potential clients on the phone – they were always trying to go in person. After working with our sales consultant, our sales team was equipped to sell on the phone and this one change has significantly increased our sales effectiveness and sales volume.”
  • “We were not closing many sales and it was frustrating work to see few results. Once we started working with our SalesStrategy consultant, he gave us a systematized sales process and strategy that we each could put our own spin on. It works great and our sales have significantly increased.”

  • “I was just starting my business and I didn’t know where to start when it came to sales. I learned how to define the sales processes of my business, the mindset needed to sell, and, after following that, surprisingly we began to grow quickly. Thank you!”

By working with Dan Gilmour and our sales consultant team, you will:

  • Learn how to create powerful value propositions that make your product/service stand out from your competitors

  • Receive ready-to-apply and personalized solutions based on specific problems in your sales department

  • Get direct advice and sales best practices to improve your sales management results and sales process effectiveness

  • Learn how to create and present persuasive proposals to increase your closing rate

  • Learn how to start using sales practices to immediately increase your sales results

  • Learn how your sales effectiveness measures up to your industry’s standards
  • Receive expert sales advice to achieve your revenue goals as fast as possible

  • Learn how to handle difficult objections and bring deals back to life

  • Learn how to harness the mindset of high performance sales rockstars

  • Get actionable recommendations to unlock your salesforce’s potential

  • Learn how to optimize your sales commission structure to produce the sales results you need to grow your business