Sales Consulting

When is the Sales Consulting Service right for your business?

Some of the main clues the Sales Consulting Service will help are:

  • You need a fresh, high converting sales presentation built ASAP

  • You want a second opinion on your sales collateral, strategies, and tools to make sure they’re best optimized.

  • You need to rapidly increase sales growth. You need to improve the sales process of your business

  • You need an executive level, specialized sales expert to make sure you are making the right choices to improve your sales teams results

  • You’re looking to build your sales department right the first time
  • Your sales team needs expert sales advice to boost sales and scale your sales team

  • You need to level up your business’s sales and increase sales revenue

  • You need a Sales and Telemarketing expert, but only part time and need a flexible option that won’t break the bank.

  • You need to optimize and eliminate bottlenecks in your sales process.

  • You need to equip your team with fresh and effective prospecting strategies to get more high-quality sales opportunities.

  • You need to increase your sales team’s closing rate

  • Your account managers need to level up their customer nurturing strategies and learn how to better cultivate relationships with your customers to increase sales.

  • You feel frustrated because your competitors are taking more market share, you’re struggling to get more customers, and are losing customers to your competitors – you need your product/service to stand out ASAP.

  • New products/services have been dumped on your sales team… and they are struggling to sell them. You are stumped on what to say and need sales to increase fast.

  • You have a big meeting in 1 week and need to immediately create an expert sales pitch to increase your chances of closing that deal.

  • Your sales team is blaming your product/service for poor sales results, but you know that they were winging it before and that the product/service is not the problem. You need to quickly give your sales team a quality sales pitch that works and get them fired up to start selling.

  • Your sales team is great at generating new leads, but never seems to bother following up… you believe there is gold in the follow up and need an expert to teach them how to do that.

  • There are bottlenecks in your sales process and you need them eliminated ASAP so you can improve your sales team’s performance.

  • You want to go on vacation, but can’t leave your post as sales manager because you don’t believe your sales team will produce results while you are away – and need that to change.

  • You’re operations team keeps harassing you to increase sales because they have more capacity to deliver… but you’re not sure what to do as a sales manager to increase your sales team’s results.

  • You need to rework your sales commission structure to make sure the sales results you need are being rewarded properly and your salespeople prioritize selling your most profitable offerings.

Your company’s sales are slowing and you need your sales department to sell more ASAP.

If your business’s sales revenue needs improvement, hiring an expert sales executive is your best option as they will be able to see all the problems in your sales department, know what to fix, and how to fix it in the shortest period of time.

If your sales department is losing sales, inefficient, or underperforming, you need to rapidly identify, find, and implement a solution or your competitors’ sales will quickly outpace your sales.

The #1 reason why companies go out of business is insufficient sales.

This doesn’t mean they didn’t sell – it just means they did not sell enough, fast enough.

SalesStrategy.ca’s Sales Consulting Experts are able to rapidly identify, find, and implement a solution to make sure your sales department is producing top-performing salespeople who consistently exceed sales quotas.

Build your sales department the right way the first time (from scratch).

Hiring the wrong salesperson or hiring the right salesperson and giving them the wrong sales tools are both recipes for disaster.

But having the right sales strategies and tools in place can make even the least experienced sales hire highly effective.

And the right sales strategies and tools are different for each type of business.
When putting together the right strategy, it is important that you bring in a sales expert that sets up your sales department for success (and doesn’t break the bank).

SalesStrategy.ca’s Sales Consulting Experts work with you to capture and execute on your vision while making sure that the right sales strategies and tools are in place for your first sales hire and are ready to scale with your business.

Your sales are stagnant and you’ve tried everything - you need an expert to kickstart and boost your sales immediately.

Your sales have been going well for a long time and growing each month, but now, your sales are stuck and are not getting past last month’s sales or even the month before that.

You’ve tried all the sales tricks you know and even found sales tips online and tried those, but nothing seems to increase your sales – your sales have hit a plateau.
You need a sales catalyst from outside your organization that can get your sales moving in the right direction again.

SalesStrategy.ca’s Sales Consulting Experts have experience overcoming sales plateaus and remove hidden bottlenecks in clients’ sales processes to rapidly increase sales growth.

You need an expert sales decision-maker to make the right sales decisions so you can focus on operations.

Your business has grown too big to wear the hat of sales manager and operations manager – you have to choose, and you prefer to be an operations manager (that’s why you got into business in the first place!).

But important sales decisions still need to be made and you need someone to make the right sales decisions.
And you know how much time you’ve been spending on those sales decisions and you are not ready to hire a full-time Sales Manager yet – you need a flexible option that can grow with your business.

SalesStrategy.ca’s Sales Consulting Experts have experience working with business owners who are transitioning out of sales management and into the CEO role by working on an hourly as needed basis – both to fit the demands of your business and the demands of your budget.

Our Sales Consulting Experts work seamlessly to fulfill the CEO’s sales vision by analyzing your sales problems, making considered decisions, and leading your sales department through sales growth.

You need to hire a part-time Sales Manager on an as-needed basis.

Your Sales Manager role needs to be filled ASAP.

Maybe they went on parental leave or left on short notice – whatever the situation, you need to have a part-time Sales Manager handle the workload.
Hiring a full-time Sales Manager can be very expensive, but, when you need the support of a sales expert, investing in the right sales manager creates a strong return on investment.

SalesStrategy.ca’s Sales Consulting Service allows you to control your budget by giving you a part-time and/or hourly option to bring on an as-needed Sales Manager that can grow with your business and help you handle the workload.

With the Sales Consulting Service:

  • You will get executive level sales and telemarketing experience added to your team for the fraction of the cost of hiring a full time team member

  • You will have sales and telemarketing best practices implemented in your business by a c-level sales and telemarketing executive

  • You will strengthen your sales team with specialized training, advice, and direction from your Sales and Telemarketing expert.

  • Our Sales Consulting team saves you time and effort by rapidly growing your business.

After experiencing the results from the Sales Consulting Service, our clients have reported benefits such as:

“At first, I wasn’t sure about your Sales Consulting Service because my staff were working from my office and you were working remotely. However, it has worked great and my sales team’s results speak for themselves. It’s been a great help to really increase our lead generation and sales. Happy with the service. Looking forward to see how much you can grow my sales this year!”

“When we came to you, we had a young motivated team, but didn’t have anyone who worked on large-scale sales campaigns – so that part of our team was lacking. I looked at hiring a full-time salaried sales executive but it seemed more than we needed. So I looked for alternatives and found your Sales Consulting Service which worked because it was flexible and could meet our budget. SalesStrategy.ca’s Sales Consulting Service was just what we needed, and, as our requirements increased, you were able to grow with us. It was the right choice and we’re glad we decided to work with you.”

“Before working with you, we had some good sales months but our salespeople were struggling to consistently make sales that we could rely on every month. We thought about bringing you on as consultants, but really liked that you were able to be more involved with our team as an expert. After we brought you on, I remember you made some quick changes to our sales process and it improved pretty much right away. Since then you’ve been helping our team grow and the results are fantastic.”
“I needed a sales expert to help me grow my business, but, because our sales were so variable, hiring a sales expert on a monthly salary was not feasible… but I still needed some executive level help. I liked that your Sales Consulting Service offered me an option for an hourly rate because we could add more hours as needed, but still be able to stay within our initially variable budget (based on our sales). When you started, you saw right away what needed to be done to make our sales more consistent. And after you improved our value proposition, you increased our salespeople’s closing rate right away. I am very satisfied with the results and glad you are on our team.”

“After analyzing our sales team, SalesStrategy.ca’s consultant taught us the sales methods and tools that we needed to apply in order to increase our sales growth.”

“We learned how to better connect with prospects on an emotional level to increase our sales. After using this strategy, we started trying to connect emotionally in each call and email with prospects and we have definitely had better responses.”

“Before the Sales Consulting sessions, our sales team didn’t feel secure talking to potential clients on the phone – they were always trying to go in person. After working with our sales consultant, our sales team was equipped to sell on the phone and this one change has significantly increased our sales effectiveness and sales volume.”

“We were not closing many sales and it was frustrating work to see few results. Once we started working with our SalesStrategy consultant, he gave us a systematized sales process and strategy that we each could put our own spin on. It works great and our sales have significantly increased.”

“I was just starting my business and I didn’t know where to start when it came to sales. I learned how to define the sales processes of my business, the mindset needed to sell, and, after following that, surprisingly we began to grow quickly. Thank you!”

By working with SalesStrategy.ca’s Sales Experts, you will:

  • Learn how to create powerful value propositions that make your product/service stand out from your competitors

  • Receive ready-to-apply and personalized solutions based on specific problems in your sales department

  • Get direct advice and sales best practices to improve your sales management results and sales process effectiveness

  • Learn how to create and present persuasive proposals to increase your closing rate

  • Learn how to start using sales practices to immediately increase your sales results

  • Learn how your sales effectiveness measures up to your industry’s standards

  • Receive expert sales advice to achieve your revenue goals as fast as possible

  • Learn how to handle difficult objections and bring deals back to life

  • Learn how to harness the mindset of high performance sales rockstars

  • Get actionable recommendations to unlock your salesforce’s potential

  • Learn how to optimize your sales commission structure to produce the sales results you need to grow your business