Do you detest the idea of giving sales presentations? It’s not just you. Even if giving sales presentations isn’t their preferred activity, the greatest sales reps are pros at it.

Sales presentations are a high-earning skill that the best sales representatives are aware of. So let’s enhance that ability with straightforward sales presentation strategies that convey an irresistible tale and persuade customers to buy.

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Why create a Sales Presentation?

An effective sales presentation connects with your audience’s requirements and wants while telling an engaging tale and emphasizing your value proposition. It doesn’t start with your differentiators; rather, it drives prospects to them with a compelling call to action.

You must get your sales presentation right because it occasionally determines whether you close a transaction or lose a client. You can use certain techniques and guidelines to make your sales presentations compelling, memorable, and effective.

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12 Amazing Sales Presentation Techniques


1. Before your call, send the presentation deck to your customer.

You might think that delivering a customer a deck prior to a call is akin to giving away the identity of the murderer on the book’s cover. The remainder of the book won’t be read by anyone, right?

Prospects will want to engage with you if your deck is interesting, even if they are already aware of the key idea. You two can delve in, pick apart the salient points, and discuss any concerns. 

Both are aware that the conversation will be juicy. Then, to start the conversation during your presentation, you may say something like, “Based on the information sent…” 


2. Encourage self-reflection.

It’s tempting to confine your sales presentation to a happy, straight tale. When that happens, a discussion of advantages, results, and desired outcomes frequently follows. That strategy, however, isn’t always the greatest.

You must comprehend the issue facing your prospect before discussing remedies and outcomes. More importantly, you need to ensure your prospects know the issue. 

The journey there is one of self-discovery. Get your customer to identify with the problem on their own, as opposed to describing it and outlining your plan of action.

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3. Discuss Point A.

Avoid rushing to point B. To the tip above, this is directly related. A problem exists (Point A), and a desired result is present (point B). There is no change at point A. If they don’t change, your buyer will still be dealing with this issue.

Focusing on point A will help you stand out because it is astonishingly more effective to discuss a pain point than a happy conclusion. 

Make your customer experience the suffering that comes with the status quo. Persuade them that without your remedy, their suffering would only become worse because you are aware of this.


4. Your top lead story is insight.

Although buyers are knowledgeable about their circumstances, they nonetheless want your perspective. The best way to win over a potential customer is to educate them about themselves because this will provide you with a unique perspective on their issues and opportunities. 

An insight modifies the way in which your customers view the issue that your solution resolves. Benefits can only truly be felt after that.

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5. Rather than introducing your differentiators, do so afterwards.

We’ve instructed our sales representatives to discuss a pressing issue that only we can resolve with customers. It is the distinction between the team’s top producers and the remainder. 

The reps then identify the issue and begin to create urgency. The drawback is that those who don’t meet their quota will invalidate them. Your team’s performance changes from stellar to break-even or quota-missing. They are both unsustainable options.

Once the buyer understands the backstory and our significant differentiation, we just introduce it. 


6. Put value first; features second.

Emphasizing features over value has no real impact. Instead of a list of the things they’ll get, prospects, especially decision-makers, want value propositions that explain how you’ll assist them solve their problems.

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7. Reverse the presentation.

This approach isn’t always the right one but a lot of time works very well. 

Instead of letting your prospect build up to the most important and memorable section of your demo, start with the most valuable aspect—how you’ll help them—and let the conversation develop from there. 

Another strategy underlies it all: The best product demos begin with themes that the customers emphasized during the discovery call.

In the first part of your presentation, discuss the main discovery-related problem. Deal with the second-largest problem after that. 

Solution mapping is what it is, and it will fundamentally alter the way you deliver sales presentations.


8. Make the presentation into a dialogue.

You were correct if you felt throughout your pitch that we were seeking a two-way conversation. Most salespeople find that to be a relief, especially those who detest giving conventional presentations.

A two-way conversation will help your pitch sound more natural. We advise doing this by giving potential customers just enough information to pique their interest and start a dialogue.


9. Be mindful of the nine minutes.

This advice is direct and concise: Limit your presentation to nine minutes. Presentations for lost agreements last 11.4 minutes on average. 

Why do they fail so miserably? The truth is that it’s challenging to maintain attention. Change the presentation up if you do go over nine minutes. 

Change something to re-engage audience members and grab their attention. Change the channel by, for example, changing the speaker on a video or in real life.

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10. Use social proof strategically.

Social evidence. Worst nightmare or best friend? Use it carefully because it might be either one. For instance, generic social proof, which refers to mentioning outstanding clients for brand authority alone, is a disaster. 

Customers might not relate to them. They may not realize how they relate to your existing client even though they are certainly awestruck. 

Referencing customers that share the same difficulties, needs, and pain areas as your buyer is an effective marketing tactic.


11. Discuss pricing after establishing value.

Would it surprise you to learn that how you approach particular subjects matters? It might even decide whether you close a sale or lose it. A perfect illustration of this idea is pricing. The best salespeople hold off on discussing pricing. 

They are aware that it’s crucial to first show how valuable their product is. For your buyer to know when to expect a pricing discussion, establish an agenda at the outset of your call. They won’t be as likely to bring it up right away, and if they do, you can refer to the schedule.


12. Refer to your rivals.

According to our research, discussing the competition early on in the sales process increases your chances of succeeding. Practice this throughout your first sales presentation for the greatest outcomes. 

When you wait until your sales process is complete, you enter a risky zone. Your customers’ opinions will already be established, and it will be more difficult to change them. 

In other words, customers will ultimately defend a choice they made earlier in the process, therefore it’s crucial to position oneself as the victor as soon as possible.

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Up To You.

12 new suggestions and strategies are now at your disposal to start from now. Many of these data-backed actions are based on our own experience and research, which has worked well for us. Use these, and you’ll increase your sales without any doubt.