Do you want to scale your business locally?

Here are some of the main clues that scaling your business locally is the right strategic choice:

  • You have identified opportunities to seize more local marketshare and you are itching to grow your business.
  • Your product/service is better than your local competitors and you are confident you can take customers from your local competitors because of this.
  • You were considering selling nationally and internationally, but were concerned your shipping/delivery costs would significantly cut into your profit margin – and if you sell locally, you get to keep that profit.
  • You know your local target market’s needs and like helping them.
  • You have gained trust with your local customers who like your product/service and have given you great reviews/testimonials.
  • You have researched your local market and you are excited because you have discovered that there is great demand and market opportunities for your product/service.
  • You have systematized your product/service delivery and you are anxious to increase the number of clients you serve to fill your capacity.
  • You have worked hard to get to where you are and you are ready to increase your local market share.
  • You have some capital saved, want to accelerate your business growth, and you are confident that growing local market share this year is more profitable than expanding nationally.

After scaling their business locally, our clients have reported benefits such as:

“Scaling locally was and still is a great option for us. We have the opportunity to make more money in our metro area than anywhere else. By growing our market share close to our location, we save money on delivery and we get to know the wants and needs of our local customers better in order to deliver a higher quality of service and customer experience.”

“In my mind when I started the business, the only way to grow was to become an international company. But now that we’ve been able to attract the best local talent, grow our revenue, and get a lot of market share locally, we have grown into a multi-million dollar business and being local has allowed us to provide better service and lower our costs. Thanks to this, non-local competitors have no chance of taking market share from us.”

“Initially we wanted to increase our sales nationally and internationally, but we had a tight budget and we started with focusing on our local market. We managed to increase the quality and speed product delivery significantly and our customers have loved it. Thanks to this we have increased the number of local customer and this strategy has allowed us to invest in our local infrastructure to continue to increase our product quality and delivery speed.”

“I care a lot about our local community and I am happy that my business can improve the lives of our local community. It’s satisfying to meet someone on the street and they thank us for our services – it feels great. I’m glad that our services can improve the lives of our community.”

“Before we scaled our business locally, I wanted to get involved in the community, but usually, I was in the background. Now that my business has been able to have a big positive impact by serving many customers in our community, I have been recognized as a community leader and I am more able to positively influence my community.”

Scaling your business locally is a great strategy to:

  • increase business profits and revenue.
  • beat the competition by becoming well known in your local area to attract the majority of customers and then gain market share security.
  • reduce costs of travel/delivery by focusing on serving local clients.
  • increase your product/service delivery quality by specializing in the wants and needs of your local target market
  • focus your marketing budget and generate a higher ROI
  • strengthen the local economy and improve your communities quality of life
  • become a prominent member of your community’s business leaders.
  • increase the number of referrals for your business by becoming well known locally.
  • attract the top local talent (and prevent your competitors from getting them)

Ready to scale your business locally? Do this first.