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September Autumn
Advantage Promotion

Free Lead Generation and Audience Targeting Consulting Session
+ Sales and Marketing Process & Tasks for the Next 7 Days
+ Identify Market Awareness Challenges & Growth Opportunities

Our Services

We provide personalized sales solutions for hard-working, innovative leaders who are the best in their niche.

Sales Funnels

Stand out from your competition by targeting, reaching, and selling to the right decision makers.

Customer Retention

Compound your revenue by systematizing your operations & customer retention and building the right team.

Target Market Testing

Rapid target market testing to help you save time by choosing the right target market.

Business Investing

Using proven growth strategies, buy, scale, and flip companies for strong returns.

Why Choose Us

Accelerate Sales Growth

Capture high market share with a targeted scalable offer.

build long-lasting teams

Free up time and increase capacity with quality staff.

create long-lasting operating manuals

Scale your best practices in a manual to duplicate yourself.

Complete target market testing

Validate target market interest and get pre-sales in 8 weeks.

Client Testimonials

“There's a lot of advertisers out there that want to change the leads you're looking - SalesStrategy.ca really took the time to understand what we need. We did a meeting looking for our ideal clients and we made a plan. Within a very short amount of time, it was a very significant, notable increase in our exact clients. I would not hesitate to recommend SalesStrategy.ca ”
David Robinson
Owner / Project Manager
“Dan is able to see through systems and I needed that guidance to operate more efficiently. Through working with Dan, I grew my sales and it resulted in me bringing on a partner and 2 additional contractors to take on the extra work. I could tell that Dan really wanted to help and was there to facilitate growth and success.”
Joel Mark Harris
Award-winning journalist, novelist, screenwriter and producer
“Dan is an amazing young entrepreneur, IT Genius and Marketing Consultant. He is welcoming, creative and trustworthy. Dan is multi talented, he is an excellent teacher, team builder and has a great team.”
Matt Gul
Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor

Scale Your Offer’s Sales

How it works:

We help you to rapidly close sales.

And, at the same time, ensure your operations and customer retention staff are able to handle the rapid increase in customer orders by hiring and empowering your staff to deliver high-quality work.