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Is the B2B Telemarketing training right for you?

  • You feel lost and have no idea where to start.

  • You are unsure about making calls and don’t know how to handle objections over the phone.

  • You are aware you have a great product but you don’t know how to get the interest of your ideal clients through cold calls.
  • You need to focus and balance your mind using a salesperson’s mindset but you’re not sure how to do it.

You must learn to handle cold calls successfully but don't know how.

Your ideal clients are busy.

And every company is trying to get their attention – including your competitors telemarketers.

You know that certain telemarketers can just pick up the phone and generate leads but you have no idea where to start.

The Fun Sales Course’s B2B Telemarketing Training teaches you the strategies, tactics, and proven scripts that you can use to convert your ideal targets from a cold call into an interested prospect who is excited to learn about your offer.

You’ve made some cold calls, but have no idea what works and what doesn’t - you need a proven system for predictable cold calling success.

You have been working hard at cold calling and are getting drained.

You’ve made some successful calls, but can’t seem to figure out what you’ve said that is working and what doesn’t work.

The more you try, the less you seem to succeed – and you need a proven cold calling system ASAP.

The Fun Sales Course’s B2B Telemarketing Training gives you the exact proven system and script process that our team uses on cold calls to consistently generate leads.

You’ve taken telemarketing courses before but nothing you’ve tried seems to work - you need a proven cold calling strategy to generate leads that ACTUALLY works.

You’ve taken courses on cold calling, you’ve looked at scripts others have used, and you’re starting to wonder if cold calling works for others but maybe not for your business’s lead generation.

You know who your ideal clients are and you’ve tried cold calling them, but you are getting frustrated and need results now.

The Fun Sales Course’s B2B Telemarketing Training is a proven strategy that we use for our business and our clients businesses that we use to cold call and consistently generate leads.

Even one of our team members who is a writer by profession and has never cold called before, after going through our system, generated her first lead within 3 hours of her first cold call.

You’ve tried cold calling, but it feels weird and you’re struggling to get your ideal target’s to listen to you.

Gatekeepers are refusing to transfer you to decision makers.

Decision makers are hanging up on you and not giving you time to share about your offer.

You need to get past gatekeepers and get the attention of the decision makers so you can start generating leads – otherwise, all your effort will go to waste.

The Fun Sales Course’s B2B Telemarketing Training uses proven frameworks, strategies, and scripts to supercharge your cold calling, get you past the gatekeepers to the right decision makers, and get the attention of decision makers so they are excited to hear about your offer.

You are trying to get your ideal targets’ to take advantage of your offer but they are rejecting it.

You know your offer is good and your customers who have taken advantage of your offer are happy.

But you’ve called a ton of people and you almost know you are going to get rejected because it’s happened so many times and it seems that no one will every say “yes” on a cold call with you.

The Fun Sales Course’s B2B Telemarketing Training uses proven strategies and script frameworks that have generated thousands of leads and will equip you to level up your cold calling performance and make cold calls that consistently get the “yes”.

With the B2B Telemarketing training you will:

  • Receive the exact system we use to develop value propositions, overcome objections, and generate leads

  • Learn best practices for presenting yourself and your product/service

  • Discover proven strategies for generating significant buyer interest
  • Learn how to find the correct B2B decision makers

  • Discover what to say to overcome objections

  • Learn how to harness the mindset of a B2B telemarketer to overcome the fear of rejection and turn it into a successful lead generation

After experiencing the results from the B2B Telemarketing training, our clients have reported benefits such as:

  • “I’m not afraid to make cold calls anymore. Now, I feel more secure when I negotiate with my clients.”

  • “I have confidence that I’m representing my company well and know what to say exactly in order to generate leads and make clients trust my product.”
  • “I hired my nephew and put him through the course. Now he’s making calls for us and generating a good number of leads. Thanks.”

The B2B Telemarketer
Course Package

Need a pay for performance b2b telemarketer?

If you are looking to grow your sales department, a b2b telemarketer is a must.

Your salespeople need leads and a hungry b2b telemarketer paid by performance is a great way to fill your salespeople’s calendars.

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