Cross-selling and Up-selling Training

The Fun Sales Course

Is Cross-selling and Up-selling Training right for you?

  • You need your clients to buy from you more than once but don’t know how to do it.

  • Your clients buy one product/service from you, but buy most of their products/services from your competitors… and you need them to buy more from you instead.
  • You’ve heard of cross-selling and upselling but have no idea where to start

  • You need your clients to buy more from you, because they are expensive to acquire.

With Cross-selling and Up-selling Training you will:

  • Learn how to get your clients to buy more (and more often)

  • Receive the exact system we use to generate cross/up selling opportunities.

  • Discover why cross/up selling actually makes clients trust you more.

  • Discover how to get more wallet share from your current clients (and take market share from your competitors).

  • Learn how to utilize customer success best practices to increase customer loyalty and sell more

After experiencing the results from Cross-selling and Up-selling Training, our clients have reported benefits such as:

  • “I used to deal with quite a few refund requests, but now my team and I proactively reach out and actually have sold quite a bit on the upselling and cross selling front. Thank you!”

  • “Most of the time, clients used to only buy from me once… and then would disappear. Now I’ve setup our after sales program and have clients coming back again and again. It’s amazing to see it work only after a few short months.”

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