The Fun Sales Course

Why take the Fun Sales Course?

The Fun Sales Course:

  • was built for small business owners who are doing their own sales or who need a system to train their first sales people.

  • was developed when one of our small business clients said “I want to learn sales, but just the fun stuff.”
  • is an intermediate sales course that teaches you the foundational elements you need to succeed in B2B Telemarketing, Closing Sales, and Cross/Up Selling.

How can I get the best ROI from The Fun Sales Course?

The Fun Sales Course can be taken as a whole or piece by piece – each module can stand alone, however, for the best sales results, we recommend starting with Module 1, and completing all three modules in order.

  • You feel lost and have no idea where to start.

  • You are unsure about making calls and don’t know how to handle objections over the phone.

  • You are aware you have a great product but you don’t know how to get the interest of your ideal clients through cold calls.
  • You need to focus and balance your mind using a salesperson’s mindset but you’re not sure how to do it.

Is Module 2: "Sales Closing": right for you?

  • You are unsure how to build rapport during the sales process and convince buyers to purchase your product/service

  • You don’t know what to say on the calls to close clients.

  • You need to improve your negotiation skills in order to sell without discounting your product/service.
  • You’re not sure how to sell without compromising your integrity
  • You need your clients to buy from you more than once but don’t know how to do it.

  • Your clients buy one product/service from you, but buy most of their products/services from your competitors… and you need them to buy more from you instead.
  • You’ve heard of cross-selling and upselling but have not idea where to start

  • You need your clients to buy more from you, because they are expensive to acquire.

What you get from The Fun Sales Course:

In brief, you learn how to proactively generate B2B leads, close sales, and up/cross sell.

If you’re tired of waiting for leads to call you, sales to close, or current customers to call for a re-order, The Fun Sales Course gives you the tools you need to proactively grow your sales revenue and take control of your business outcomes.

  • Receive the exact system we use to develop value propositions, overcome objections, and generate leads

  • Learn best practices for presenting yourself and your product/service

  • Discover proven strategies for generating significant buyer interest
  • Learn how to find the correct B2B decision makers

  • Discover what to say to overcome objections

  • Learn how to harness the mindset of a B2B telemarketer to overcome the fear of rejection and turn it into a successful lead generation

With Module 2: "Sales Closing" you will:

  • Become a master in closing sales without reducing the price

  • Receive the exact system we use to run discovery meetings and close high ticket sales

  • Learn what to say (and when to say it) to close deals

  • Learn how to create high-conversion sales proposals to maximize your closing ratio
  • Learn how to close deals without compromising your integrity using ethical sales best practices

  • Learn how to negotiate with CEOs and Decision Makers without losing your cool

  • Discover the mindset of million dollar closers [it’s not what you think]

  • Learn how to build rapport during the sales process to make buyers feel confident in their purchase
  • Learn how to get your clients to buy more (and more often)

  • Receive the exact system we use to generate cross/up selling opportunities.

  • Discover why cross/up selling actually makes clients trust you more.

  • Discover how to get more wallet share from your current clients (and take market share from your competitors).

  • Learn how to utilize customer success best practices to increase customer loyalty and sell more

After experiencing the results from the Fun Sales Course, our clients have reported benefits such as:

  • “I’m not afraid to make cold calls anymore. Now, I feel more secure when I negotiate with my clients.”

  • “I have confidence that I’m representing my company well and know what to say exactly in order to generate leads and make clients trust my product.”

  • “I hired my nephew and put him through the course. Now he’s making calls for us and generating a good number of leads. Thanks.”

    • “Before the course, I used to only be able to close sales when I gave a discount. Now, I’m selling everything for the full price.”

    • “I feel more secure when prospects have objections, I’m confident I’m saying the right thing and can handle them.”

    • “I used to wing it and got okay results. But now that I am using the closing system and my conversions have skyrocketed. It feels good and so does my paycheck.”

  • “I used to deal with quite a few refund requests, but now my team and I proactively reach out and actually have sold quite a bit on the upselling and cross selling front. Thank you!”

  • “Most of the time, clients used to only buy from me once… and then would disappear. Now I’ve setup our after sales program and have clients coming back again and again. It’s amazing to see it work only after a few short months.”

until January 1st. Now's the easiest time to
add gas to your sales and revenue growth. Get Started

until January 1st. Now's the easiest time to
add gas to your sales and revenue growth. Get Started