What if you had a best selling book that was consistently generating high quality leads for your business?

Not only would leads have read your book and see you as an expert, but they would feel like they already knew you and see you as the ONLY expert that can solve their problem.

And what if you want to be a best selling author telling your story, but don’t want to do the writing part?

SalesStrategy.ca’s new Ghostwriting offering solves this problem.

The offer:

Professional editing and ghostwriting

Your ideas will be turned into a masterpiece by our talented staff of editors and ghostwriters.

Flexible package options

Pick from a variety of packages designed to meet your unique requirements and financial constraints.

Individual consultations

Take advantage of regular meetings to talk about the development of your book and offer insightful suggestions.

Professional editing, publishing, and ghostwriting

Your book will be beautifully written and edited by our team of skilled ghostwriters. Employ our acclaimed ghostwriters to pen and publish your book to increase your credibility and advance your company.

Saving time, increasing production, and using an effective process

By entrusting us with the writing and editing duties, you will accelerate the idea to written book process and save crucial time.
Our tried-and-true method guarantees that you will achieve your goals while putting less time and effort into writing and editing your book.

More clients and higher sales

Our ghostwritten publications can help you gain more customers, boost revenue, and build your authority in your industry.


Skill in thought leadership and brand development

We don’t only write; we also assist you in developing your brand and becoming recognized as a thought leader in your field.

Expert advice and assistance

We are the perfect collaborators to bring your story to life because of our decades of experience in book authoring, editing, and publication.

A customized strategy to achieve specific aims

Every story is different, and we respect that. We collaborate closely with you to make sure your book reflects your unique objectives.

Professional collaboration and ghostwriting

In order to bring your ideas to life in a nonfiction book, our skilled ghostwriters will conduct an interview with you and work directly with you.

Saving time and convenience

You can assign the difficult work and time-consuming process of writing a book to specialists by employing a ghostwriter.

Credibility, stature, and power

Your authority, credibility, and prestige in your industry will increase as a result of being an author, improving your professional image.

Services for expert ghostwriting

Become a published author without worrying about the writing part thanks to our staff of talented ghostwriters, who will write your book based on your interview answers.

Instantaneous authority and credibility

You become an authority on your subject, get immediate credibility, and get more speaking opportunities after publishing a book.

A quick and effective method

You can receive a completed, revised, and published book in as little as 3 months thanks to our efficient approach, which will save you time and effort.


Our Credentials:

  • We have written 50+ books with 60,000+ pages in each book.
  • We have ghostwritten multiple best-selling books.
  • We have taken clients from initial concept to published author in as little as 3 months.
  • Our Ghostwriters specialize in writing best-selling books in the self improvement, autobiography, and business categories.
  • We’ve assisted 250+ authors in achieving their professional and writing objectives, such as increasing sales, getting better speaking engagements, and landing high-worth clients.
  • In addition to 20 years as professional writers, we have spent 15 years working in the ghostwriting industry.
  • We have mentored 100+ writers to help them break into the best-selling author field.

Our Proven 4-Step Process To Ghostwrite Best-Selling Books:

#1. Initial meeting & Book outline

#2. Interviews & First draft

#3. Revisions & Editing

#4. Marketing & Publishing


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