Steven K. Scott’s The Richest Man Who Ever Lived, King Soloman’s Secrets To Success, Wealth and Happiness.

In this book, Scott analyzes the book of Proverbs in order to understand Soloman’s Wisdom

In terms of wealth, some have suggested that in today’s dollars, [King Solomon] may well have been a “trillionaire.” In addition to his gold reserves worth hundreds of billions of dollars in today’s market, he owned 4,000 stalls for his horses and chariots, and kept 12,000 horsemen on his payroll. Rulers of nations throughout the world sought his advice, and paid dearly for it.

The book starts off with Scott, after hitting failure after failure, being challenged by a Pastor to complete the “Proverbs Challenge”, that is read one book of Proverbs every day of the month, for two years.

For example, on March 1, read Proverbs 1; on March 2, read Proverbs 2; and so on. And on the last day of the month, if there are less than 31 days, read the remaining proverbs on the last day.

In addition, the Pastor bet that if Scott kept doing the Proverbs Challenge for five years, he would be a millionaire.

Before [the Proverbs Challenge]: [Scott] Earned less than half of the income of the average American wage earner.
After [the Proverbs Challenge]: [Scott’s] Income rose from $18,000 per year to more than $7 million.

This book is about what Scott learned throughout his years studying the book of Proverbs, including studying the original text of the Book of Proverbs and studying the exact meaning in the language the Book of Proverbs was written.

DILIGENCE is a learnable skill that combines: creative persistence, a smart-working effort rightly planned and rightly performed in a timely, efficient, and effective manner to attain a result that is pure and of the highest quality of excellence.

Right now, I’m enjoying the read and learning a great amount from the wisdom of King Soloman.

I highly recommend this book.

You can pick it up online here or likely find a copy in your local library.

Hope you enjoy the book!