The Sales Messaging Setup Service is a Done-For-You service that provides a range of benefits to assist small business owners in their sales process including streamlining the sales process, crafting personalized sales messages, improving lead nurturing, and enhancing post-sales communication to maximize conversions and customer satisfaction – giving them everything they need to set up a new-hire salesperson for success.

You select your main offer and we create a compelling sales landing page and authentic client video testimonial as its selling points. A sales landing page grabs attention and effectively communicates the value and benefits of the offer. An authentic client video testimonial builds trust and credibility by featuring a satisfied client’s stories and positive experiences. These items enhance your online presence, showcase the offer, and increase conversions and sales.

We set up everything you need to conduct Cold Outreach To Generate Leads including effective cold calling call scripts and engaging cold outreach email templates. Well-crafted call scripts help grab the attention of decision-makers and spark meaningful conversations, while engaging email templates stand out in crowded inboxes and encourage positive responses. These items assist in initiating contact and generating leads, improving response rates and outreach efforts.

We set up everything you need to conduct Lead Nurturing including follow-up lead nurturing call scripts and lead nurturing email templates. Well-crafted call scripts help build rapport, address concerns, and guide potential customers towards booking a meeting, while email templates keep your business top of mind and provide valuable information. These items nurture leads and increase the likelihood of converting prospects into customers.

We set up everything you need to conduct the Sales Call including a presentation call script and talking points, as well as a post-call follow-up email template. A well-crafted call script and talking points help deliver a persuasive sales presentation and increase conversion chances, while a personalized follow-up email strengthens relationships and encourages further engagement. These items assist in conducting successful sales calls and maintaining communication.

We set up everything you need to conduct Lead Nurturing (post initial sales call) including post-sales lead nurturing call scripts and post-sales call lead nurturing emails. These resources nurture leads and maintain communication after the initial sales call. The call scripts help build trust, address objections, and move leads closer to a purchasing decision, while the nurturing emails provide additional value and reinforce the value proposition. These items nurture leads and increase the likelihood of closing sales.

In addition to writing these items in clear and precise English, we offer to translate the deliverables into a 2nd language of your choice.

  • Instant Impact Messaging – Captivate your audience and secure your competitive advantage with powerful Unique Selling Propositions!


  • Rapid Market Validation Blueprint: Master target market testing and achieve market clarity!


  • Market Advantage Sprint: Sprint ahead with a market advantage by validating target markets and capturing pre-sale leads!


  • Sales Victory Accelerator: Accelerate your sales representatives’ performance for guaranteed high-ticket sales results!


  • Closing Mastery Blueprint: Equip your team with the tools and knowledge to conquer sales challenges and reach their closing goals in record time with an video course, proven sales scripts, and rock-solid messaging templates.


  • Professional Sales Landing Page: Accelerate your revenue growth with a professionally written sales landing page that empowers your sales team to generate high-quality leads and close more sales.


  • Lead Generation Mastery: Ignite your lead generation results with our practical video training, enabling you to achieve your lead generation goals by rapidly mastering proven b2b telemarketing and cold emailing techniques.


  • Testimonial Showcase: Showcase your success with a professionally crafted client video testimonial.


  • Rapid Contact Mastery: Empower yourself with 10 powerful and proven cold calling scripts to swiftly connect with decision-makers.


  • Rapid Decision Maker Outreach: Streamline your outreach efforts and connect with decision makers in your specific market using our proven collection of 19 cold outreach email templates.


  • Targeted Nurturing Call Toolbox: Utilize our goal-oriented collection of 3 follow-up lead nurturing call scripts to nurture interested leads and prompt them to book sales meetings within a short time frame.


  • Targeted Nurturing Email Toolbox: Utilize our goal-oriented collection of 6 lead nurturing email templates to nurture interested leads and prompt them to book sales meetings.


  • Sales Call Success Blueprint: Unlock the secret to successful sales calls with our a tried and tested, meticulously crafted call script and proven talking points.


  • Follow-Up Email Success Formula: Achieve follow-up success and higher conversion rates with our expertly crafted email template


  • Conversion Mastery Call Toolkit: Harness the power of persuasion, unlock the secrets of conversion mastery, and elevate your lead nurturing efforts with 4 expertly crafted call scripts


  • Conversion Mastery Email Toolkit: Harness the power of persuasion, unlock the secrets of conversion mastery, and elevate your lead nurturing efforts with 9 expertly crafted email templates


  • Profit Maximization Playbook: Maximize your profits by mastering the art of up-selling and cross-selling with our practical and strategic video training course


  • Targeted Prospect Database: Accelerate your success by arming your business with a targeted database of 10,000 ideal B2B prospects, providing you with a strategic advantage and accelerating your path to success.


  • Sales Mastery Mentorship: Empower your sales team with a year-long mentorship and coaching program, providing up to 50 hours of expert guidance and support to master the art of sales and achieve extraordinary results


  • Sales Knowledge Vault: Arm your sales team with an invaluable resource – a custom-built FAQ database completed in up to 20 hours – enabling them to begin tackling any customer inquiry and achieve unrivaled sales success.


  • CRM Success Engine: Boost your team’s efficiency with a streamlined CRM setup and prospect import service, streamlining your sales team’s workflow to maximize their productivity and close more deals.


  • Buyer Acceleration Resources: Empower your sales team with a power pack of resources including our professionally crafted guides and lead magnets, enhancing the buyer journey and increasing conversion rates


  • Deal-Closing Bonus Arsenal: Arm your sales team with expertly crafted deal-closing infoproduct bonuses designed to address buyer concerns and maximize conversions.


  • Sales Talent FastTrack: Fast-track your sales team’s growth with our efficient salesperson recruitment service, providing you with a shortlist of highly qualified candidates.


  • Sales Incentive Blueprint: Create a powerful sales incentive structure by collaborating with our experts to unleash a customized sales bonus and commission program, unlocking your sales team’s performance.


  • Profit Mastery Toolkit: Unlock your offer’s profit potential with the comprehensive Capacity Pricing Matrix training toolkit, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to confidently calculate delivery cost, establish optimal pricing, maximize profit margins, and analyze customer acquisition costs.


  • Profit Optimization Intensive: Dive deep into pricing strategies with our consultants during a 1-day intensive, gaining the knowledge and insights needed to strategically price your offers, boost profitability, and achieve your business objectives.


  • Offer Mastery Mentorship: Embark on a guided journey with our experts as they empower you to craft the perfect compelling offer tailored to your target market’s needs using the revolutionary Offer Generator tool, combining 8 Figure Strategies and AI integration.


  • Operations Mastery Blueprint: Unleash the power of efficient operations with our comprehensive video training, equipping you with the skills to create operations manuals and systems that boost employee productivity and drive business profitability.


  • Operations Growth Consulting: Unlock the delivery quality of your operations team with streamlined operations manuals and, simultaneously, ensure your new hires can execute tasks correctly from day one, providing a seamless transition and immediate impact on your business.