Operations Process Creation Training

Why take the Operations Process Creation training?

Operations Process Creation Training:

    • Was built for operations managers of small and medium sized businesses who are planning to scale in the near future, want to maintain product/service quality, and reduce risk.

    • Teaches you to build, manage, and improve processes while increasing your service standards by systematizing your business.
    • Teaches you time tested strategies to build your business in an effective, systematized, and efficient way.

    • Is an expert system that helps you save time, delegate repetitive tasks, and capture your process.

    • Was developed to help you and your staff increase their productivity without compromising on quality.

    Is the Operations Process Creation training right for you?

    • You need to document all the procedures/tasks of your business to improve your business process but you want to make sure you are doing it right the first time so you don’t have to do it again.

    • You’re losing control of your growing business and you’re afraid it might collapse.
    • Your current staff training is like the telephone game, where you tell your lead staff member one thing, and, when the information is passed on, 10 staff members later it is completely different – and you need consistent high quality training of your staff to happen now because you are overwhelmed with work.

    • You’re struggling to manage your operations team and you know there must be a better way.

    • You need a way to make sure new staff have all the best practices taught to them when they start, but you have no clear training system to teach them other than by watching you.

    • You have to train your remote staff members but are struggling to manage their service quality… and need to improve service quality immediately.

    • You’re wasting time and money, don’t see results, and are spinning like a hamster.

    • You want to go on vacation, but your business is NOT running like a well-oiled machine.

    You need an expert to teach you how to put your operations training manuals together.

    When you have staff turnover, you need to hire a new staff member – and that staff member needs to be trained.

    With one staff member, this is fine. But when you have to train 2, 5 or 10+ staff per month, you need to leverage your time by creating an operations manual that captures your knowledge and best practices so your new staff members can start delivering quality work right away.

    When you are creating an operations training manual, you want to make it right the first time, ask the right questions and document the right information so that your staff will actually use it.
    Not only is this important for training staff, but it is important for staying ahead of your competitors.

    Why? Capturing your operations best practices to produce better results than you competitors is important.

    And, equally as important, having a system to capture innovation to improve your operations quality and speed are essential to moving your business ahead of and staying ahead of your competitors.

    The Solopreneur To CEO Course’s Operations Process Creation training gives you the exact training, principles, templates, how-to’s, and best practices that we use to create our and our client’s operations training manuals.

    With the Operations Process Creation training, you will:

    • Learn how to build your well-oiled machine right the first time.

    • Receive a time-tested method that increases your profit by eliminating wasted time and optimizing task output to save time.

    • Learn how to analyze your business and make data-driven decisions.

    • Discover common scaling mistakes (and how to overcome them).

    • Learn to manage any business process in an streamlined and efficient way.

    • Discover how to simplify your project management and simplify each critical processes in your business.

    • Learn how to avoid common systematization mistakes.
    • Learn how to consistently maintain, elevate, and manage staff output (without micromanaging)

    • Learn how to systematize your product/service delivery so you scale your business.

    After experiencing the results from the Operations Process Creation training, our clients have reported benefits such as:

    “Before the course, I couldn’t run my business and felt like my business was controlling me. After the course, I’m taking back control of my business by turning it into a system-driven machine that I can drive towards my goals.”
    “I used to have no time to look ahead or plan – I was just reactively solving problems. Now that everything is systematized, I have time to proactively plan ahead including improving our processes and increasing our output performance.”

    “I was lost with a lot of work and I didn’t know how to organize all the stuff. Now I can see it all more clearly, I’m starting to build systems in my business and it’s growing. Thank you!”

    “I didn’t know how to regulate the daily tasks of my business and this turned into inconsistency and mistakes. Now my business is systematized, more efficient and purposeful.”

    “I used to give my employees a list of tasks and only half the time they would get done. I was overwhelmed because we kept falling behind and I couldn’t supervise everyone. Now that we have clear processes, I feel that my staff at 10x smarter. I guess it really is that they are properly equipped. I should have done this years ago. Thank you.”
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