Up/Cross Sellers

When is the Up/Cross Seller Service a good option for your business?

  • You are stuck in the feast or famine cycle. Right now, you have zero time to follow up because you are swamped with operations – but you know that the follow ups need to continue or you will soon run out of orders.

  • Your current customers are not buying from you very often, and you believe they are also spending on your competitors – you’d like to keep that business for yourself.

  • You need to contact your existing customers more frequently (before they buy from your competitors) so that you can give them a quote and be the best positioned to get their recurring business.

  • Most of your customers trust you with smaller order sizes, but you want to sell your high ticket products/services and don’t know how to do it.
  • Your product/service is almost always an urgent purchase and you want to stay top of mind with your existing customers because you know they usually buy from the first supplier they think of.

  • There are critical times coming up in your customers’ businesses and you have add-on products/services that help them survive through it – you just need your customers to know that you provide these offerings.

  • You have a large customer list and believe there are riches in up/cross selling to your current customers, but don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself.

  • You want to upgrade current customers to a more expensive service package to increase your revenue, but you want a sales expert to do that for you.

  • Your marketing team is great at attracting new clients, but you need those new clients to spend more money and buy more products – and your marketing team is not good at that so you need to bring in an expert.

You need to follow up with your current customers to get them to buy more but you don't have the time or staff to complete this task.

When you have a large customer list and multiple products/services, you have a great opportunity to increase your revenue by selling to those customers because those customers already know that you provide an excellent level of service.

Statistics show that it is 5x as expensive to get a new customer than it is to sell more to a current customer.
If you are not tapping into the revenue potential of your current customers, you are missing out.

But what can you do if you don’t have the time or the staff to reach out to your current customers to get more sales?

SalesStrategy.ca’s team of expert up/cross sellers can help – they are fully managed, headache-free, and top performers.

In addition, if you don’t fulfill your customer’s needs (or they don’t know that you can fulfill their needs), they will go and buy from your competitors to fulfill that need.

You want to increase your sales revenue and are looking for the lowest hanging fruit with the greatest return on investment.

When you are looking to increase your sales revenue, the first place you should look is at your current customer list.

Your current customers already made the choice to buy from you at least once. That means they have not only made the jump to trust you but that you have delivered a high-quality product/service that solved an important problem for them.
If you were to try to get new customers, you would have to get them to make that initial jump of trust again without having experienced you solving a problem for them.

Getting a new customer to make that initial jump is expensive – focusing on selling more to current customers solves this.

You want to develop long-term customer relationships with your current customers and want to invest wisely.

The best way to develop long-term customer relationships is to solve important problems for them by selling them your products and/or services.

Keeping in touch with your current customers with an email newsletter or social media is nice – but it doesn’t give you immediate feedback on the problems your customers are looking to solve.
SalesStrategy.ca’s up/cross sellers are experts at developing long-term relationships on behalf of our clients’ businesses by solving problems for our clients’ customers in two ways.

The first way is by talking to your current customers to learn more about the problems they are facing and how we can help solve those problems with one (or more) of your products or services.

The second way is by talking to your currents customers at key points in their customer journey to make sure they are getting the most out of the products or services they have already purchased – this makes sure that your customers are happy with your product or service and are not looking at competitors when you can easily improve their experience and retain them as customers.

You are great at getting new customers but don’t like focusing on relationship building and up/cross selling with current customers.

If you are incredible at getting new customers and turning them into current customers, that is what you should be focusing on.

But, if you only bring on new customers, and don’t have a team member focusing on retaining and selling more to your current customers, you may be missing out on a significant amount of revenue.
And not only missing out, but your current customers, if not taken care of and retained by being sold more, will likely buy from your competitors.

Bringing in SalesStrategy.ca’s up/cross selling experts to supplement your new business sales efforts will significantly increase your sales revenue by retaining and selling more to your current customers.

Your sales team is not doing their job well at up/cross selling and you need to hire an expert sales team urgently to focus on up/cross selling.

If you are managing your sales team or overseeing your sales department, it is important to have a benchmark to measure your sales team’s up/cross selling performance.

At SalesStrategy.ca, we have an expert up/cross seller team that our clients can choose to bring in to make sure they have a clear comparison between their team’s up/cross selling performance and an outside team’s up/cross selling performance.
However, if you already know for a fact that your sales department is severely underperforming at up/cross selling and need to let them go, it is important to bring in an outside up/cross seller team that can continue to fulfill your up/cross selling needs while you rebuild your internal up/cross seller team.

Our clients have been so impressed by our expert up/cross seller team’s performance that they have sometimes even decided to stay with SalesStrategy.ca’s up/cross sellers because they are fully managed, headache-free, and top performers.

After experiencing the results from the Up/Cross Seller Service, our clients have reported the following:

  • “Most of our customers used to only buy from us once. Now, thanks to hiring your cross/up selling service, our customers know the benefits of each of our products/services and are making regular purchases. This has greatly increased our business profits.”

  • “I have a large list of customers and most of them only bought once or twice a year. Basically, I was waiting for them to contact me, sometimes I had lots of orders, sometimes I did not. Now that our SalesStrategy.ca up/cross seller has contacted all those customers, we have seen purchases increase significantly. Our business revenue is now consistent. We are happy we brought your team on.”

  • “We always used to wait for our customers to make new orders. Now SalesStrategy’s up/cross seller takes care of calling our current customers and offering them our products/services, it’s amazing how many orders we are receiving. I always thought that certain customers only bought certain products and only once or twice. Now I see that we had not properly leveraged our customer list, it’s awesome how they are buying products and services that I never thought they would buy and it’s great.”
  • “I thought our customers were only buying from us but it turns out they were actually buying a lot from our competitors. Now that our SalesStrategy.ca up/cross seller is regularly calling our customers, our orders have increased a lot. In fact, I had to hire two more employees to keep up with delivering those orders. It’s great! I look forward to seeing how much we can grow this year now that we have your up/cross selling program working smoothly.”

With SalesStrategy.ca's Up/Cross Seller Service, you will:

  • Escape the feast or famine cycle and be able rely on consistent orders.

  • Help your customers save time by proactively solving problems for them (by selling them more of your products/services)

  • Increase awareness of your products/services so that when customers have an urgent problem, they buy from you.

  • Stay top of mind with your current customers and get them to reorder (instead of buying from your competitors)
  • Increase the purchase frequency of your current customers.

  • Generate consistent high ticket sales through done-for-you up/cross selling

  • Tap into the buying potential of your customers by getting more wallet share.

  • Increase your revenue by getting your customers to upgrade to your high ticket service packages.

  • Have a team dedicated to your customers so that you never miss out on a sale.

  • Increase your customer lifetime value by up/cross selling your customers more of your products/services.


The up-selling and cross selling service includes calling, emailing, and (occasionally) social media.

Depending on leads preferred communication channels, there may be additional channels used such as texting, etc.