Canadian Sales Outsourcing, Training, and Management partners with organizations to deliver expert sales services including Direct Sales, Channel Partner Recruitment, Customer Success, and Account Management.

Our name,, stands for our strong strategic sales expertise and Canadian sales force.

In a survey, respondents said that being Canadian means:
“To be friendly; Canadians definitely meet the stereotype. I’ve never met a more polite country in my life.”
“To be Canadian is to feel compassionate for others.”
“To be Canadian is to be accepting of cultural differences and diversities within our society”

This is how we work.

Starting with a step-by-step systematic high-level strategy, we then move to streamline and elevate sales processes to reduce costs and increase revenues.

We craft sales excellence at the intersection of market analysis and solution/insight/challenger selling.

We elevate your organization’s sales processes with a customized framework to increase scalability, and multiply revenue.

We work with teams and organizations as trusted partners.

We design, develop and implement enjoyable sales experiences by creating a customer-centric framework, scalable sales training, and effective closing methodology.

Delivery Methodology

Sales Outsourcing

We provide managed staffing services. Our team will partner with your organization to supplement/provide the sales effort.

Sales Co-Sourcing

Have a sales team, but need a sales trainer/manager? We work with your in-house sales team to increase performance and support sales excellence.

Sales Consulting

Don’t want to outsource your sales, but still need help? No problem, let us help! We can assist you with reviewing, evaluating, or completely re-writing your strategy and build the process that will support indefinite sales success.


Direct Sales

Drive revenue and demand from SMB to Enterprise. From qualifying leads to closing deals, we guarantee to help you generate revenue and achieve your goals. See B2B Lead Generation & Target Acquisition Case Studies here.

Channel Partner Recruitment

Grow revenue through channel partners/resellers by implementing best practices for recruiting, onboarding, and nurturing channel partners to increase customer acquisition, partner satisfaction, and ROI. See B2B Lead Generation & Target Acquisition Case Studies here.

Customer Success & Account Management

Deliver fully orchestrated customer success & account management through aligning engagement and key moments-of-truth to delight customers throughout their customer journey, and increase customer lifetime value. See Account Growth & Loyalty Case Studies here.

Sales & Business Strategy

Don’t know what to sell, how much to sell it for, or why your potential customers are or are not buying? No problem, let us help! We can assist you with reviewing, evaluating, or completely re-positioning your organization and build the process that will support indefinite sales success. See Training, Coaching, & Consulting Case Studies here.

Campaign Types

Sales & Business Strategy – Create a winning Service Package and Find Package Market Fit.
B2B Lead Generation – Appointment Setting.
Target Acquisition – Investigation, Demonstrating Capabilities and Obtaining Commitment.
Account Loyalty and Growth – Follow Up / Post-Sale.

What makes us different.

We’re a team of:

  • Sales Specialists
  • Business/Sales Analysts
  • Customer Success Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Marketers
  • Operations Consultants

When you hire one of us, you receive support from all of us.


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